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Huawei and Mustek celebrate 10-year anniversary – Why your ICT company should join the party

Huawei and Mustek celebrate their 10th anniversary of being partners this year.

Mustek serves as a distributor of Huawei’s industry-leading ICT products in South Africa, and the partnership has enabled Mustek to help many local businesses reach new heights.

Key to the success of Mustek’s distribution of Huawei ICT products has been its large network of South African resellers, said the company.

The relationship between Mustek and its resellers has evolved over the years, said Mustek’s Huawei business unit manager Donna Mostert, with Mustek committed to providing end-user support.

“This has provided huge advantages and far more value-add as we can work together with the end-user and the reseller to provide best-fit solutions,” said Mostert.

Why you should become a Huawei reseller

Resellers are an important part of Huawei’s value chain – and while Mustek’s job is to bring Huawei products to the South African market, resellers play an equally important role by selling the products to the public.

This is why Mustek prioritises its extensive network of Huawei ICT product resellers, and being a Huawei reseller in South Africa through Mustek comes with several benefits.

Huawei is a highly-reputable ICT company with a name that customers trust, making them one of the most important ICT brands in the market.

This makes their products much easier to sell than lesser-known brands, offering the potential for increased income and profit.

It also means that you don’t need to spend as much money on marketing the brand to customers, as it is already a name they know and are familiar with.

Additionally, Huawei has a particularly strong presence in South Africa, meaning that customers are comfortable buying Huawei products.

This is because they know there is an after-sales ecosystem to support their purchase.

Become a Huawei Mustek reseller

As a leading ICT distributor in South Africa, Mustek is the top choice for resellers looking to sell Huawei products.

Mustek is the only enterprise vendor in South Africa – meaning it has the largest range of hardware and software solutions from Huawei – and it has invested in its staff to ensure they are well-equipped to help end-users, providing further support to resellers.

“Huawei provides an extensive training programme that allows us to invest in our people and this has played a huge role in our relationship, because it enables us to provide end-user customers with relevant, lower-cost and higher-value solutions,” said Mostert.

“The days of a distributor not having in-house skills are no more.”

To show how much it values its partners, Mustek will be holding its first ever annual partner awards banquet on 9 December.

“We value our partners enormously, both historic and present players,” said Mostert.

“We’re hosting our first annual partner awards banquet in Johannesburg to honour their efforts and thank them for being part of this 10-year journey.”

To find out more from Mustek about becoming a reseller, please complete the form below.

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Huawei and Mustek celebrate 10-year anniversary – Why your ICT company should join the party