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The people you can reach on BusinessTech

BusinessTech is the largest business news website in South Africa, and is read by CEOs, directors, business owners, and senior managers across the country.

This business-focussed audience is highly influential when it comes to decision making in their companies, including critical purchasing and strategic decisions.

BusinessTech’s monthly South Africa readership breakdown, based on the IAB-verified figures from September 2020, is as follows:

  • CEO / Director – 110,000
  • Senior Management – 589,000
  • Business Owner – 638,000
  • Middle Management – 1,100,000

These business decision makers work across a range of industries – including finance, banking, IT, telecoms, property, motoring, energy, and lifestyle.

Furthermore, they represent a range of company sizes – from small-to-medium businesses to JSE-listed multinationals.

Decision makers at home

BusinessTech’s audience is equally strong on the consumer front, with the majority of its readers decision makers in their home.

2.0 million monthly South African readers are the primary decision makers in their home, while 2.7 million readers are a joint decision maker in their home.

This combination of strong business and consumer audience segments has resulted in more companies taking advertising campaigns on BusinessTech in recent months.

“With South African companies now taking a digital-first approach to advertising, as it provides the best ROI, we have seen strong growth in the number of companies advertising with us and the number of campaigns we are running,” said BusinessTech MD Kevin Lancaster.

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This article was published in partnership with BusinessTech.

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The people you can reach on BusinessTech