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Why OutSystems should be your low-code platform of choice

OutSystems has established itself as a leading rapid-development low-code platform.

Low-code continues to gain traction as more businesses learn about the technology’s extensive benefits over traditional coding practices.

It allows you to keep the important elements of traditional coding solutions – such as flexibility and customisation – while saving your organisation considerable amounts of time and money.

What does Gartner say about the impact of Low-Code?

Gartner identifies Low-Code as one of the top 23 most impactful technologies featured on the Gartner Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar for 2021.

This graphic below highlights that Low-Code as technology is no longer an early adopter, but rather an early majority adopter.

OutSystems – The best enterprise low-code application development platform

It is worth noting that not all low-code platforms are created equal.

OutSystems has established itself as a leading rapid-development low-code platform according to Forrester and Gartner.

Their mission is to enable every company to innovate through the power of software – regardless of the size of the company.

OutSystems achieves this by offering a powerful low-code application development platform that offers the ability to build applications that are as customised as those made through traditional means, while significantly reducing the need to write excessive amounts of code manually.

Benefits of OutSystems

OutSystems can be used across your entire organisation, from your mission critical operations to customer-facing experiences for both web and mobile.

This offers you tremendous flexibility as you do not need to switch between different low-code platforms.

OutSystems also integrates your applications into almost any system with ease, meaning that compatibility issues are a thing of the past.

With over 3600 apps and integration components for and by the community the world really is your oyster.

This alone would be enough to sell many organisations on OutSystems, but what really sets them apart from other low-code providers is that the platform offers unbeatable implementation speeds.

In fact, data shows that 74% of OutSystems customers have accelerated their software delivery speed by at least 5-times, which speaks to the incredible efficiency which OutSystems can drive within your organisation.

Additionally, when it is quick to execute on new software initiatives, your time is freed up to innovate and build solutions that not only solve your organisational needs – but enable you to thrive and gain a competitive advantage, ultimately contributing towards exponential growth.

Security and compliance

Another major part of developing applications is ensuring they are built with security and user privacy in mind.

OutSystems takes care of this by offering all the latest security features and integrating these features across the entire application delivery process.

These security features are designed to enable you to scale your applications without this having an adverse effect on your application security, nor do you need to employ expensive security and SecOps specialists.

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JustSolve – The ultimate low-code partner

If you are open minded in breaking down the walls of traditional thinking around software development, then you are ready to join the low-code revolution and JustSolve is here to assist you every step of the way.

As a leading OutSystems partner in the Middle East and Africa, JustSolve was awarded the Hero of the Year award last year after achieving the highest customer satisfaction score amongst partners.

They have worked with many award-winning organisations that have won multiple OutSystems Innovation Awards based on the implementations they have done for their clients.

If you would like to learn more about Low-Code from JustSolve’s CEO, Botha van der Vyver, watch his interview on the Quintessential Show here.

How do I become part of the community?

Register for your free version of OutSystems and join the South African OutSystems User Group for all the latest news, upcoming events and discussions.

Contact JustSolve today to learn more about OutSystems.


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Why OutSystems should be your low-code platform of choice