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Why South African businesses should prioritise youth skills development

South Africa has a well-documented skills shortage, which is a major reason why the economy is struggling.

Unemployment and poverty rates are very high, and with the youth making up 63.4% of all unemployed South Africans, the situation has never been more critical

To solve these pressing issues, all stakeholders, including the government, businesses, and non-profit organisations, must play their part to ensure that quality skills training – the foundation of future economic growth – takes place.

There are so many young South Africans who have the potential to do great things, but are yet to get the opportunity to develop the necessary skills.

With the right training, these young people can help South Africa become an economic powerhouse both in Africa and globally.

Many businesses and organisations are committed to developing the skills of young South Africans as part of a mutually beneficial relationship whereby they also get significant value in the form of a highly competent employee, as well as a boost to their B-BBEE score.

However, these entities find it difficult to find the resources, time, and know-how to actually train these young South Africans.

This is where Atvance Academy steps in and serves as a facilitator between young South Africans seeking skills and jobs, and organisations looking for young skilled South Africans to add to their team.

Atvance Academy

Atvance Academy is an education institution which is dedicated to improving the lives of young unemployed South Africans through SETA-accredited training as part of a holistic approach to developing the future leaders of South Africa.

It works alongside communities to open accessible campuses, and through corporate support, we are able to change the lives of thousands of young people every year, providing access to opportunities and a chance for a better life.

The companies that support us gain improved B-BBEE levels due to the impact that our initiative has on the various pillars of the B-BBEE codes – Preferential Procurement, Skills Development and with extended application to Socio-Economic Development.

However, it is important to know that Atvance Academy is about more than just boosting your B-BBEE score – it is focused on empowering young South Africans to build a better tomorrow, particularly as the world moves into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Businesses that do not invest in young South Africans will be left behind as the important new skills these young people develop through institutions like Atvance Academy will be crucial to carrying your business into the future.

Atvance Academy currently provides education to around 30,000 South African learners every month, and boasts over 250 campuses across the country – all of which are developing skilled young South Africans.

Atvance Academy is a 51% black-owned, level 1 B-BBEE and SAQA-accredited organisation – and a registered SETA accredited training provider – positioning it as a leading partner for businesses which want to make a difference.

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Why South African businesses should prioritise youth skills development