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Digital Generation focused on removing plastic from packaging and tape

Leading ICT lifecycle management company Digital Generation is working towards removing all plastic from its packaging and is in the process of finding alternatives that will help it achieve this goal.

This forms part of its partnership with global technology giant HP, which has placed a major focus on its sustainable impact programme.

Digital Generation is now an HP Amplify Impact partner company, meaning it has taken the HP Amplify Impact Changemaker pledge.

“We have seen many of the major retailers and online stores moving to more eco-friendly and recyclable packaging,” said Geoff Cuthbert, Operations Manager for DG’s Johannesburg Performance Centre.

“We watch documentaries and read news articles on how we can reduce our carbon footprint at home, so why not implement it at the office?”

“If we can already assist our clients in recycling through sustainable packaging, then we are one step closer to ensuring we contribute to a world with less plastic.”

HP’s focus on the environment

Digital Generation is following the lead of HP, which has committed to reducing its impact on the environment in a number of ways.

It has repurposed 771,000kg of ocean-bound plastic to use in HP products, and this number continues to increase.

The company has also been a leader in recycling for decades. It established its HP Planet Partners programme in 1991 and has since kept 875 million HP cartridges, 114 million apparel hangers, and 4.69 billion post-consumer plastic bottles out of landfills.

Instead, the company recycles these and uses them in its new products.

HP recycles a million plastic bottles a day, while 82% of its ink cartridges contain over 45% post-consumer plastic content.

All HP toner cartridges also contain some post-consumer or post-industrial recycled plastic.

Why plastic is a big pollution problem

The focus of Digital Generation and HP on reducing their impact on plastic pollution is important given how prevalent this problem is.

Every year, eight metric tons of plastic enters the ocean – with 150 million metric tons already polluting these waters.

This plastic is almost impossible to remove, so it slowly breaks down into smaller particles known as microplastics.

These microplastics are ingested by fish and this causes a range of health and environmental problems.

Work with responsible businesses

If you’re in the market for IT products and services, you should consider businesses like HP and Digital Generation which are focused on more than just filling their own pockets.

Businesses that embrace social responsibility are key to uplifting society.

Visit Digital Generation’s website here.

Visit HP’s Sustainable Impact website here.

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Digital Generation focused on removing plastic from packaging and tape