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Introducing Bordeaux – The ultimate Stellenbosch co-living space for students

The CampusKey team recently unveiled exciting new designs reframing mixed-use urban properties in a drive to change the student co-living scene in Stellenbosch.

CampusKey, who is the industry leader in student co-living spaces in South Africa, believes that its buildings are the blueprint for the urban campus of the future.

Bordeaux – CampusKey’s latest co-living space

In Stellenbosch, the redevelopment of CampusKey’s Bordeaux building offers everything a student needs to learn, collaborate, work, and thrive.

The new development is estimated to cost R75 million and is strategically located within walking distance of Stellenbosch University campus.

It boasts 4000sqm of single occupancy luxury units, with each unit featuring a fully equipped kitchen and an ensuite bathroom.

With a selection of units ranging from 21sqm to 30sqm and boasting an array of great facilities, the CampusKey team’s emphasis will be on delivering carefully curated spaces to help its students thrive and achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

Bookings will open from 4 August 2021, and the redeveloped Bordeaux building will launch in January 2022.

A community for students

The CampusKey model is based on Gen-Z behaviour and this has informed the design philosophy of the architectural and interior design team.

CampusKey Student co-living hubs are designed to enhance a sense of community between students, and include contemporary social spaces featuring food and drink experiences, break-away lounges, co-working spaces for groups, quiet study pockets, state-of-the-art gyms, gaming zones, electric bike rentals, parking, laundry areas, and 24/7 receptions.

“Bordeaux will be the most innovative and exciting experience students can imagine,” said Managing Director Leon Howell.

“In addition to the energetic and inspiring vibe which encourages connectivity among students, guests and locals, our team is focused on service excellence and understanding the needs of all our guests. We want them to live their best lives.”


CampusKey prioritizes the wellbeing and safety of its students.

As part of CampusKey’s offering, students have access to 24/7 on-site teams should they need assistance, as well as a call-us-anytime number for emergencies.

Monthly mentorship sessions, community outreach projects and sustainability drives are part of CampusKey’s philosophy of creating an environment where students can thrive, stay informed, and participate in their communities by fostering strong connections.

“When CampusKey reimagines an old building or develops a new one, we look at creative ways to mix communities and uses,” said Howell.

“Our diversity and energy make our locations more attractive, resilient, and sustainable. This understanding is at the heart of what we do – it is our mission.”


CampusKey acquires, develops, designs, owns and operates all of its properties.

Within this ecosystem CampusKey has the advantage of deeply understanding the needs and behaviours of its students and thus curates every aspect of its offerings.

CampusKey is proud to be the largest student co-living provider nationally, with a current portfolio of 7 campuses in South Africa.

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Introducing Bordeaux – The ultimate Stellenbosch co-living space for students