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The digital proof is in the backend pudding

Or in the outcome, depending on how you look at it.

We look at it from a UX, UI, mobile and web development point of view. Our clients look at it from a quality, cost-effective and timely perspective.

We meet them more than halfway when it comes to service and end-product delivery. That’s because we understand product development and coding.

Not just traditional coding. But low-coding. Sometimes even no-coding (because why reinvent the wheel if you can just grease it, right?).

It all depends on the task at hand. At JustSolve, we do what our name says. We solve problems.

Like we did for a local ISP, who wanted to bring fibre to all South Africans but had the challenge of several systems that needed to be integrated into a single PaaS solution.

On top of that, we had to hurry. Speed was of the essence as they needed to hit the ground running in an extremely competitive market.

To do this themselves would have taken years, not to mention the upkeep and day-to-day operations distracting them from their core business.

This is where we came in

We operate by firstly listening to our clients’ needs and really understanding the challenges at hand.

We then research the competitor landscape, technologies, tools, and platforms to ensure our solutions meet our client’s needs.

This then enables us to suggest a couple of options with our clients to find the best and sometimes most cost-effective solution for them depending on the strategy at hand, short-, medium- or long-term. This part is important.

Because you can do it the old traditional way around, or you can use modern low-code platform accelerators like OutSystems, Sybrin Nitro or the new Microsoft Power Platform and PowerFX – depending on what you want to achieve.

The next step is creating a prototype, ironing out any niggles or UX problems, readjusting accordingly and finally building the solution through an agile approach based on continuous feedback.

This solution was elegant as well as fast. Using traditional coding we did it in just 5 months.

Or take MyCPD: an educational platform that strives to make learning simple through video courses and content that is easy to access, uncomplicated to upload and effortless to operate.

The MyCPD platform hinged on the experience of the learner, and we needed to create a platform where gaining access to the course material itself was as easy as ABC.

This is why we started with the core user experience. Get that right and the rest will follow.

As video learning was at the heart of the project, the backend had to be robust enough to handle large video file uploads seamlessly, whilst giving the learner the ability to track their course progress along the way without any video lags interrupting the flow of learning.

The outcome was an intelligible lesson in UX focus: the platform’s genius revolved around providing a single place for learners to view, wishlist and download content at their convenience, answer and submit knowledge questions, as well as the bonus of generating a digital certificate of learning in one click, thereby eliminating the need to keep and store paper records.

The MyCPD solution was built using the OutSystems Low-Code platform, and we did it in just 4 months.

To learn more about this particular case study, please click here.

And lastly – Avis Fleet.

Avis Fleet manages thousands of vehicles and wanted to improve their customer experience by becoming proactive in the way they manage their contracts, especially renewals, by communicating any renewal costs ahead of time and not just in time.

The solution, give the drivers an app with which they can capture their odometer, update their details and report any damages.

JustSolve solved that with a “self-inspection” process for fleet managers and drivers through a mobile app with custom illustrations using a no-code platform called Centricity.

The self-inspection solution was delivered within 8 weeks and after this outstanding success and use-case, Avis Fleet has also implemented their fleet accident management and claim submission processes in just 4 weeks.

No user training is required to operate the system, which is the goal of a great user experience.

To see the solution in action, please click here.

At JustSolve, we created these proof of puddings the way we do all of our work. By listening. By thinking about the problem at hand.

And then by building the solution, entering into a long-term partnership to keep improving on what the data tells us.

To see some more of what we do and how we can help you, please contact Botha van der Vyver, CEO of JustSolve, or schedule a meeting with him here.

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The digital proof is in the backend pudding