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MTN Business connecting health sector on the best network

MTN Business is committed to helping the healthcare sector through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Accessible healthcare is a key foundation of a thriving society, and MTN Business is therefore committed to supporting the sector in different ways.

One such way is through MTN Business RT15 contract which forms a key part of its partnership with the South African government.

This programme now makes it possible for state healthcare facilities to access uncapped MTN data for all their employees.

This uncapped data is allocated towards all policy-approved usage, and will help these healthcare workers to save lives and support sick South Africans.

Additionally, these healthcare employees will get an additional amount of personal data –which they can top up out of their own pocket if it’d depleted

This connectivity is on South Africa’s best mobile network and will keep your medical staff connected at all times – making it a no-brainer for your healthcare facility.

Incredible perks and massive value

Data is just one of several valuable products you will get once you sign up to the MTN Business RT15 access programme.

You will also get uncapped minutes and SMSs on Closed User Groups for all your staff – meaning your employees will never have to pay to keep in contact with each other!

This is crucial as it means there will not be any hindrances should emergency situations arise – simply make the call or send the SMS.

Your employees will also be given an allocation of voice minutes which can be used to call people on other mobile networks – making it easy to keep in contact with patients.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also a variety of amazing deals on smartphones that are exclusively available to employees whose employers are on the RT15 access programme.

Here is the full list of exclusive perks available through the MTN Business RT15 access programme:

  • Uncapped data with no Fair Usage Policy (FUP)
  • Uncapped Closed User Group minutes
  • Uncapped Closed User Group SMSs
  • Voice minutes to call other networks
  • Variety of smartphones.

Another great feature is that healthcare workers can do their personal and business actions on the same SIM and phone, meaning they don’t need to constantly worry about which account or SIM to use.

This amazing offering aligns with MTN Business’s commitment to improving the lives of South Africans and helping valuable front-line workers contribute towards a better future for us all.

Whether you’re conducting remote consultations, running IoT solutions, or need to stay connected at your practice – unique MTN Business solution will help you serve your patients more effectively.

Learn how your state healthcare facility can get uncapped data from MTN.

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MTN Business connecting health sector on the best network