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BusinessTech’s impressive audience

BusinessTech is read by 7 million South African readers each month – 3 million of whom are managers.

This impressive figure is thanks to BusinessTech’s position as the largest and most influential business news website in South Africa.

Along with the large numbers of managers, BusinessTech is read by C-level executives, business owners, and directors.

This includes:

  • Junior Management – 1,085,058
  • Middle Management – 1,331,807
  • Business Owner – 856,971
  • Senior Management – 712,260
  • CEO/Director – 131,809

This makes BusinessTech’s audience highly influential, as many readers are decision makers within their businesses.


Equally impressive is the level of education among BusinessTech readers.

Over 2.1 million BusinessTech readers have a university degree or higher qualification, while 1.3 million have a tertiary-level diploma or certificate.

In terms of geographic location, the majority of BusinessTech’s readers live in Gauteng.

2.9 million readers live in Gauteng, while 1.0 million readers live in the Western Cape.

833,000 readers live in KwaZulu-Natal, with 300,000 readers each living in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo.

Furthermore, the majority of BusinessTech’s readers are decision makers in their household.

2.2 million readers are the primary decision maker at home, while 3.0 million readers are a joint decision maker at home.

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BusinessTech’s impressive audience