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Hello iMasFinance – Value reimagined

Iemas Financial Services Co-operative Limited is evolving and will now be known as iMasFinance Co-operative Limited.

The Co-operative, well known for helping South Africans with personal financial solutions conveniently at their places of work, today announced at its Annual General Meeting that it has embarked on an exciting re-positioning and rebranding journey.

The new brand epitomises the Co-operative accelerating digital capabilities, among other initiatives, and will be implemented over the next 12 to 18 months.

This involves the rebranding of all iMasFinance’s assets including 27 national branches and its digital presence.

iMasFinance’s commitment to its customers (better known as its members) and employer affiliates is their priority and remains a key strategic focus.

The Co-operative is synonymous with providing affordable and trusted financial products and services for employees at many corporates and organisations, across various sectors and industries.

iMasFinance’s diverse offering includes: vehicle finance, pension-backed home loans, debit or credit cards, educational and personal loans.

Comprehensive insurance solutions are offered through its wholly owned subsidiary Iemas Insurance Brokers – soon to also reveal a similar trading as name.

“With a rich legacy spanning over 84 years, iMasFinance has been helping employers with affordable employee benefits by providing solutions that promote financial inclusion.”

“Our business excellence model prides itself in offering solutions that are almost unmatched when it comes to affordability and personal financial services offered in the work environment,” says Banie van Vollenhoven, Group CEO at iMasFinance.

“The rebranding strategy reflects the Co-operative’s purpose which is to both empower (and protect) members to live financially well while creating shared value.”

“The nature of our Co-operative is to share annual profits with our customers – who immediately become members and part owners in the business.”

“Our refreshed iMasFinance brand strives to get closer to our members through digital solutions and fulfil their financial needs.”

“We will also continue to empower them with financial health while creating the kind of shared value proposition that is relevant for the African market,” says van Vollenhoven.

In line with this, iMasFinance recently re-launched its rewards programme which is now iMasRewards, a behavioural-based loyalty programme that drives financial wellness behaviours while offering improved customer cashback benefits.

Through online financial wellness assessments and increased product uptake, customers can get more cashback benefits.

Differentiating their unique iMasRewards further, is how iMasFinance invests a percentage of the rewards in a member reserve fund that grows with competitive interest rates.

As a result, a majority of iMasFinance members are now saving for their future financial goals.

Having undertaken the customer research as part of this journey, iMasFinance believes that the new visual identity relates to their diverse customer base and better expresses the Co-operative’s purpose.

The reputation and equity created under our brand is a valuable asset, we are building on this as we pursue new segment opportunities, digitisation and future business growth for the benefit of our members,” says van Vollenhoven.

The new logo features a shield which represents financial security and wellness while the striking purple will continue to be the prominent colour.

“Our brand drives Value Reimagined, representing our undertakings to build value for our customers.”

“This is the golden thread that will be carried through all aspects of our business and our stakeholders can look forward to enhanced customer journeys experiences,” concluded van Vollenhoven.

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Hello iMasFinance – Value reimagined