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Altron Karabina offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on premises) to the Cloud in T-Shirt Sizes

 ·22 Nov 2021

It has become critical to have your business applications in the cloud to ensure business continuity.

Now is the time to move into the future and migrate from an on-premise CRM environment to a cloud-based CRM solution with Altron Karabina as your partner.

“We know that cost is a great concern for businesses when moving to the cloud, but we have taken away the unpredictability around cost and shifted the risk to us.”

“Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (D365 CE) offers you predictability and visibility regarding the costs involved in running your CRM environment as well as the migration project,” says Pravesh Parbhoo, Head of Business Applications at Altron Karabina.

What you want is value

D365 CE offers three tangible value adds, which are: Granularity, Scalability and Flexibility that comes with improved security, privacy and reliability.

This will keep your organisation resilient and your customers happy.

“You will have complete scalability, with the option of implementing modular functions that are currently relevant to your business and the ability to scale out as your business grows with full integration into Microsoft’s productivity tools such as Teams, Outlook, Excel, Word etc.”

“It will free up your IT resources to focus on business outcomes as opposed to maintaining and running that IT environment.”

“D365 CE is the best and only collaborative CRM system with its native integration into the Microsoft collaboration suite,” Parbhoo adds.

The experienced Altron Karabina team will support you on your journey to the cloud from planning the best approach to your migration, to licensing your users, implementing the solution with seamless integration, all the way through to user adoption and training.

“We have the expertise required and robust accelerators that enable us to streamline the end-to-end migration process.”

“We’ll consolidate your data in a single place with zero data loss and prevent significant downtime. You will be able to engage with your customers undisrupted throughout the migration, and could see up to 63% ROI in just 10 months,” notes Parbhoo.

No cost concerns

Testament to Altron Karabina’s partnership with you is that we guarantee a fixed price offering, as well as outcome, regardless of the risks involved.

You don’t have to be concerned about open-ended migration costs.

Explains Parbhoo: “We addressed the cost concern by creating defined fixed-price T-Shirt size migration packages (small, medium and large) which we commit to, based on a matrix assessment of your environment to determine its complexity.”

“We are mitigating the risk of you having to sign a blank cheque to migrate your CRM to the cloud.”

As a trusted Microsoft Gold partner Altron Karabina follows the tried and tested Microsoft Catalyst program of engaging, consulting and planning with customers through to migration and culminating in proper change management to mitigate the risk of low user adoption.

Get a free assessment

Altron Karabina offers a no-cost, obligation-free, three-day assessment available until February 2022 – Validating your environment complexities and choosing the correct T-shirt size migration package, informing you of the new features that will add business value, and assessing the applicability of Microsoft out of the box solutions to your business.

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