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The best cryptocurrency platform for high-volume traders

Cryptocurrency is now elemental when it comes to portfolio diversification. This has become increasingly evident as retirement funds around the world allocate some exposure to the burgeoning asset class.

Yesterday Australian superannuation fund, Rest Super, with more than $46.8 billion AUM, took steps to include cryptocurrency in the fund’s portfolio.

The company’s CIO told reporters that he considers offering exposure to crypto and blockchain tech as a means of capturing a “stable source of value” during a time in which investors are flocking to crypto as a hedge against fiat-based inflation.

Leading South African cryptocurrency exchange, OVEX, is testimony to cryptocurrency adoption in South Africa. The prime broker’s OTC (Over The Counter) Desk alone processes over R4 billion in value every 30 days.

OVEX’s OTC service is reserved for family offices and high net worth individuals. Whether they are trading blocks of R500,000 or R50,000,000, OVEX provides its OTC clients with superior trade execution and settlement services that are not only discrete, but are also secure and hyper-competitive.

The exchange recently secured a partnership with world leader in digital asset security, Ledger, giving investors peace of mind when storing their cryptocurrency with the custodian.

The OTC desk at OVEX is open 24/7 – a notion which has proved popular amongst veteran cryptocurrency investors.

OVEX’s impressive liquidity is matched only by its deep asset support. OTC clients can trade BTC/ZAR as well as any crypto-to-crypto pairings listed on the OVEX exchange.

Popular cryptocurrencies available to trade on OVEX’s OTC Desk include, but are not limited to,

  • Bitcoin
  • USDC
  • TUSD
  • USDT
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Solana

OVEX’s OTC Desk also boasts zero fees and offers high volume traders the tightest spreads in the market.

If you are a high-value investor, broker or wealth manager, there is no better prime broker than OVEX.

OVEX investment products

OVEX is a leader in the South African cryptocurrency trading industry and offers three other products that are extremely popular with local investors.

  • OVEX cryptocurrency arbitrage involves buying cryptocurrencies for cheaper prices on certain markets, and selling them at a higher price on others.
  • OVEX interest accounts work similarly to traditional fixed-deposit accounts, and offer significantly improved interest rates on several popular cryptocurrencies.
  • OVEX Buy and Sell makes it easy for anyone to trade in cryptocurrency if you do not qualify for OVEX OTC.

These products provide an opportunity for everyone to get involved in cryptocurrency investing – so click here to learn more.

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The best cryptocurrency platform for high-volume traders