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Why advertising on a news website produces excellent results

When people see an advert on a news website, they trust it more than if they saw the same advert on a social media page.

This is according to a study by SimilarWeb and Taboola, which looked at the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

The result of this enhanced trust is that adverts seen on a news website are more effective – and make a bigger impact on the person seeing it.

Another important finding from the study is that more people now read news websites compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic started, with online news traffic growing substantially in the past two years.

People are also spending more time on news websites, viewing more pages and reading more articles.

Trust is vital

The main reason why people trust adverts they see on a news website is because they trust the news website as a platform.

A credible news website provides people with important news on a daily basis, and this makes it easy for a reader to quickly develop a level of implicit trust.

This level of trust has a big impact on the effectiveness of an advertising campaign – as the more a person trusts a news website, the more they trust the adverts appearing on it.

The result is that these adverts have a stronger impact on an individual.

“Next time you are running a marketing campaign, ask yourself on which websites do you want your message to appear. Try to appear in as many trustworthy websites as possible,” stated the study.

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Why advertising on a news website produces excellent results