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How to reach 1.6 million South African business decision makers

BusinessTech is the largest and most influential business news website in South Africa.

This dominant position is thanks to the large number of crucial business decision makers who read the site every month.

1.6 million of BusinessTech’s monthly readers are CEOs, Directors, Business Owners, and Senior Managers.

This high-end group is responsible for shaping their companies’ purchasing decisions.

A breakdown of BusinessTech’s monthly South African audience is listed below.

  • Junior Management – 1,085,058
  • Middle Management – 1,331,807
  • Business Owner – 856,971
  • Senior Management – 712,260
  • CEO/Director – 131,809

Advertising online

With companies and employees moving towards a digital-first operating environment – and remote and hybrid working now the status quo – South Africans are spending more time online than ever before.

The result is that online news sites such as BusinessTech have seen huge audience growth, with South Africans reading more news online.

This is the perfect time and place for companies to reach their target market through advertising campaigns.

Digital advertising channels – including sponsored articles, display banners, video interviews, dedicated mailers, and social media promotions – allow companies to speak directly to potential clients when they are the most engaged.

The combination of more people spending more time online, and companies being able to target audiences when they are the most engaged, has resulted in a big increase in the number of advertising campaigns moving online.

Online advertising also provides the best return on investment, making it an easy decision for companies to allocate marketing spend.

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How to reach 1.6 million South African business decision makers