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AM.CO.ZA completes the package with market-leading range of Heatware heat presses

 ·14 Feb 2022

Local large-format and cutting systems specialist AM.CO.ZA has assembled a range of Heatware heat presses for every application.

These heat press options include heat transfer vinyl printing (printed or solid colour), DTF printing (used on T-shirts), and heat-based sublimation printing – a process that changes ink from solid to gas and back to solid (used on coffee mugs).

Heat presses are evidently used for a wide range of applications and processes to ensure that images printed or transferred stay on the substrate.

This complex goal means that heat presses are generally high-ticket items and customers’ choices are often limited by price.

However, Advanced Machinery is changing this by offering a comprehensive range of heat presses for a wide range of applications at affordable prices.

AM.CO.ZA’s single-application products

AM.CO.ZA’s product range includes products for those who are performing small volumes of specific tasks – such as T-shirt and mug printing – as a hobby.

The product range includes multifunction heat presses that support T-shirt pressing in the sizes 290 x 380mm (bust size), 380 x 380mm (half size), and 400 x 600mm (full size).

The T-shirt range also comprises a flat press with a 38cm x 38cm size in the clamshell opening style, a flat press of the same size but with a swing-away opening, and a flat press with a swing-away opening for sizes up to 40cm x 60cm – known as the full-size press.

Alongside its T-shirt presses, AM.CO.ZA also offers mug and pen presses in its single-application range.

This includes a model capable of pressing a single mug, a model capable of pressing up to five mugs simultaneously, and a press capable of handling up to six pens at a time.

Other single-use presses include a small portable unit that is ideal for sublimation printing or for hobbyists who may want to print and press at a market stall, while if you’re running a high-production business, there is also a large press with a roll-to-roll feed that will be ideal for your needs.

AM.CO.ZA’s multi-application functions

The multi-function heat press range of AM.CO.ZA is designed to serve a wide spectrum of customers through models that can adapt according to the specific and changing production requirements of each user.

These multi-function presses can handle the full range of your requirements by simply changing the active component.

There are many models to choose from, and the available components increase according to the model you choose.

The basic press supports a T-Shirt size of 29cm x 38cm, while the MT5 model features five components: the flat press, big mug press, small and big plates press and a cap press.

The MT6 comprises all of these features with the addition of a small mug press, while the MT8 model also includes a big and small cup press – this is conical in shape, as opposed to the mug press, which is cylindrical.

The MT9 adds a shoe press to the equation, and for customers who need to be able to handle full T-shirt pressing on top of the aforementioned functions, there is also an extended “MTE” range of each of the aforementioned models that can also handle the full 38 x 38cm T-shirt size with add-on components.

Get your Heatware heat press

Whether you are doing T-Shirt printing as a hobby, as a small side business in your garage, or if you want to make this a full-time business, Advanced Machinery has the heat press for you at a price that matches your budget and needs.

Advanced Machinery is the largest supplier of heat presses on the local market, so visit its Buythis online store and find the right heat press for your needs and pocket.

You can also contact AM.CO.ZA to find out which press best suits your specific needs.

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