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How Dimension Data is paving the way for the future of data collection

 ·1 Aug 2022

NTT and Dimension Data are driving the future of data collection through their data-tracking partnership with the Tour de France and Tour de Femmes avec Zwift.

It is evident the partnership with these cycling tours has the potential to change the world of big data in several tangible ways, and this was showcased at an event held by the companies which BusinessTech attended.

We outline the highlights of these benefits, below.

Evolution of data collection

The data collection systems operated by NTT and Dimension Data in the Tour de France and Tour de Femmes avec Zwift let viewers assess race events in real-time – including leader boards, rider speeds, weather conditions, and the topography of the course.

This is great for cycling fans, and a big bonus for the market in general as the technology can be extrapolated to other industries.

For example: this technology has also been used effectively in the mining industry, where sensors placed along mine shafts and in heavy equipment drastically reduced operating costs and unnecessary expenditure.

NTT and Dimension Data believe its data collection technology can be an economy-changing asset in the coming years, thanks to its ability to improve efficiency in almost every business sector and provide measurable change.

A lot of cycling data

NTT and Dimension Data’s commitment to the Tour de France and Tour de Femmes avec Zwift means there has never been a better time to be a fan of the sport.

We were impressed by the sheer range of technologies that NTT and Dimension Data is providing to make the Tour de France and Tour de Femmes avec Zwift great for viewers across the world.

A great example of this is the Tour de France companion app – 3D Tracker – which provides augmented reality maps and displays that give you all the information about each stage of the race.

Additionally, predictive analytics allow these data systems to pick up on potential changes in the race before they happen – such as shifts in the peloton.

This gives viewers and commentors deeper insight into what they’re watching and will make the sport even more engaging for fans.

With the data from this system and many new innovations in the works, the future of the Tour de France has never been brighter for fans and teams alike.

Tour de Femmes avec Zwift

Dimension Data also used the event to promote its work to drive gender equality, and its partnership with the Tour de Femmes avec Zwift is evidence of this.

Thanks to the efforts of NTT and Dimension Data, the Tour de Femmes avec Zwift will be a watershed moment for competitive female cycling – and women’s sports as a whole.

NTT and Dimension Data is set to assist with four additional female cycling events in the future  – including the Paris-Roubaix Femmes, Fleche Fleche Wallonne Femmes, and Liege-Bastogne-Liege Femmes.

It is therefore playing a key role in driving equality in cycling as part of its mission to improve the way people work and play.

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