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 ·27 Sep 2022

Three of the biggest challenges being faced by SMEs is,

  1. Access to finance and financial services, think large capital expenditures affecting your start-up.
  2. Access to specialist resources to procure the right products and manage the set up and deployment of your tech and equipment.
  3. A Single point of contact for all our office equipment.

The Future would be incredible for all SMEs if these challenges could be solved.

What if we tell you the future is already possible, “The Future is Incredible.”

As SA’s leading destination for tech for almost three decades, Incredible Connection has taken their customer feedback and the ever-evolving needs of a fast-paced world into account to bring customers an exciting brand refresh and a special focus on SMEs and their needs.

SMEs are the heartbeat and future of a successful South Africa, and this is why the NEW Incredible enhanced their business offering with a much wider business range, adding more services, products and novel ways of making it more affordable to SMEs.

How does Incredible solve access to finance?

Besides the normal credit offering with up to 36 months to pay or the benefit of a Revolving credit store card Incredible also offers rental options on all their products to support SMEs.

With this, SMEs can avoid the large upfront cash expenditure of purchasing products by opting for business rentals instead.

With flexible rental options on a wide range of essential tech for business, including laptops, desktops, printers and more, your business won’t have to go without vital equipment.

Business rentals come with several advantages:

  • No large capital outlay and no deposit is required.
  • A tailored monthly plan to suit your needs.
  • You can have the latest tech from the leading brands, without a hefty price tag.
  • Rentals are fully tax deductible as an off-balance sheet item.
  • You get flexibility, with the option to upgrade your items during the rental term, extend your rental term or rent-to-purchase.
  • No depreciating tech assets.

How does Incredible solve access to specialist resources?

With over 70 stores nationwide any SME and their staff have access to tech experts that offer a list of services from set up to installations and many other core benefits such as a call-out team that can visit your business on-site.

With tech support, you can:

  • Reduce your IT resource costs.
  • Have your new tech delivered and installed.
  • Have your tech set up with the right software and connected to your network.
  • Get assistance with your current network if you are struggling with any issues.
  • Rest assured with a free 3 year warranty on all computing, including Apple computers.
  • Visit any of our stores for repairs or simply book a collection from your business.
  • Trade-in your old devices for new tech through a simple in-store evaluation.
  • Purchase data consuming tech in-store on contract with your choice of network.

How has Incredible become a single provider of office equipment?

Besides computers that include a free 3 year warranty and a wide range of tech for business, Incredible now offers stationery, furniture and appliances both large and small, all available online and can be ordered from any of their stores.

Watch out for their weekly business promo with a range of products selected to support businesses such as Yoco and other POS machines and load-shedding power solutions to keep your business running.

You can view these products and more here.

To find a tailored solution for your business, email [email protected] or visit Incredible Connection’s website for more information.

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