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Fixer – On-demand skills to get your business off the ground

 ·6 Oct 2022

Fixer offers an easy way for SMBs to connect with skilled South Africans and acquire the professional services they need without hiring full-time employees.

This service is available through Fixer’s easy-to-use online platform that the service can access anywhere and anytime through a browser or smartphone app.

Once you have registered your company on Fixer, you’ll immediately be able to hire skilled South Africans from any industry.

We look at the advantages of using Fixer below.

Easy access to valuable skills for small businesses

One of the most popular Fixer features is that it allows small businesses to hire professionals who offer practical and specific services.

These small businesses can access a massive roster of skilled professionals with a variety of skill sets, including:

• Admin managers
• Graphic designers
• Accountants
• Lawyers
• Barmen
• Restaurant staff
• Personal trainers
• Tradesmen

The list is endless.

You can reduce your overheads by only hiring the services you need for the exact amount of time you need them.

For example: if you need to run maintenance on equipment but can’t afford a permanent maintenance team, you can hire skilled professionals to fix the equipment through Fixer.

Either per hour, Per day, per week, or monthly.

Fixer lets you effectively run your small business like a multi-person operation without having permanent staff.

Promote yourself

Fixer also lets you advertise your own business’s professional skills services – allowing you to get more clients to pay you for your offerings.

No matter what skill you and your small business offer, you can advertise it on Fixer – current skills on the platform are as diverse as:

• Dog Walking
• Yoga lessons
• Music Lessons
• Tutoring
• Financial Advising
• Professional photography

Fixer helps businesses without any significant online presence take advantage of a powerful online marketing channel, while those who already have marketing efforts in place will benefit from a much broader audience.

Whether your small business offers or how long you’ve been in business – Fixer has you covered.

Permanent placements

Fixer caters to businesses that are looking for permanent hires, too, and offers the following functionality:

• Job post advertisements
• Webinars and articles
• HR advice
• Services application
• Service requests

This range of features makes Fixer the ultimate platform for all your hiring and skill acquisition needs – and it is all available for just R269 per month.

Building your business

Fixer was founded in 2020 by Ian van Heerden. It aims to quickly and easily connect businesses looking for talent with South African professionals.

“Fixer makes it easy for job seekers to load individual CVs, education, and experiences onto its platform, and our team vets these,” said van Heerden.

Additionally, by securing payment with pay-by-Fixer, you’ll never be left out of pocket and will not need to spend time following up on outstanding payments.

Whether looking for on-demand skills for specific occasions or wanting to hire permanent talent, Fixer is the solution.

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