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The importance of hiring the right payroll staff

 ·12 Oct 2022

A poorly managed payroll system and late salary or wage payments will lead to unhappy employees.

According to Sage, this is because your employees will lose trust in your business – leading to a lack of staff motivation.

Unhappy employees could even start to look for new jobs where they are paid on time – and losing this talent will hurt your operation efficiency and lose you money.

Therefore, it is vital your Sage solutions are run by competent payroll professionals.

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When the pandemic hit, payroll and HR teams found themselves having to deal with new developments and challenges caused by remote and hybrid working.

In fact, in 2021 Sage interviewed 1,000 SMBs to find out how they dealt with increased complexity in payroll and HR. An overwhelming 73% agreed the new way of working has added to payroll and HR complexity.

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Management in the cloud

To deal with increased complexity, payroll management has shifted to the cloud, resulting in reduced costs, increased flexibility, and improved efficiency that online platforms provide.

De Keur Group, a South African producer of high-quality fruit and vegetables, automates its payroll processes and real-time reporting across three businesses with Sage 300 People.

“We realised we could improve efficiencies and streamline our business by implementing a solution that can be hosted locally or via the cloud,” said HR manager Johan du Plessis.

“Gaining access to an intuitive set of tools that help you avoid errors and hours lost to manual tasks, is just the beginning.”

It’s not just De Keur Group that has experienced the benefits of cloud-based solutions.

Sage’s research revealed that 88% of businesses that were already using cloud-based payroll and HR management systems were better able to adapt to remote or hybrid working arrangements.

This proves that cloud-based payroll software is valuable – but payroll teams must still have the appropriate skills to get the most out of these solutions and ensure their employees are paid on time.

Administrators also need to be trained to work in an evolving business environment where different projects have unique payroll needs – yet all information must still be managed in accordance with applicable local laws and procedures.

Thankfully, cloud-based solutions are purposefully designed to store employee information securely – allowing payroll employees to manage data both inside and outside their organisation’s facilities.

According to Sage’s research report, payroll professionals agree that digitisation helps to improve data security, with 50% of respondents citing increased document security as a key reason for switching to cloud-based systems.

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