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iVIEW Data Automation Framework – Simplify your data analytics

 ·20 Oct 2022

Informatec is taking your data analytics to the next level with its iVIEW Data Automation Framework.

The iVIEW Data Automation Framework is a solution that enhances the potential of Qlik’s popular data platform and offers a way for even those without technical knowledge to easily create and use business intelligence solutions.

Informatec launched the iVIEW Data Automation Framework in South Africa in July and has built two core solutions that use this framework to make the generation of business intelligence more accessible to all businesses.

iVIEW Dataflow and iVIEW Library are both powerful solutions that will take your organisation’s use of Qlik to another level – we unpack these solutions below.

iVIEW Dataflow

iVIEW Dataflow is a workflow automation engine that is responsible for data integration and provides easy-to-read ETL logic.

It is simple to use thanks to an intuitive front-end interface that automatically creates code for you and then standardises this code within your business.

This no-code format means that almost anyone can create ETL logic using the solution, and they will have access to development guidelines along the entire process to make the solution even simpler.

The interface also gives you access to an innovative layered architecture that provides the tools for you to build and manage multiple workflow definitions and variables.

All of the work that you can do in Dataflow aligns with all relevant Qlik best practices, allowing your business to ultimately move towards a complete self-service environment.

iVIEW Library

iVIEW Library enables organisations to effectively manage their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ensures they are measurable, actionable, and transparent.

This valuable self-service tool can also handle all your master data items and content definitions for Qlik and serves as a central administration and distribution centre for business content across your Qlik applications.

Your organisation will be empowered to track its performance accurately through targeted, accurate KPIs, and improve upon any inefficiencies that iVIEW Library uncovers.

This is therefore an extremely important resource for any organisation that wants to optimise all its key processes.

Get iVIEW Data Automation

The iVIEW Data Automation Framework takes your organisation’s use of Qlik to the next level through its low-code interface, intuitive controls, and comprehensive data automation capabilities.

It is a must-have for any organisations that use Qlik, as well as those who are considering moving to this impressive framework.

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