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Living is incredible when you’re living smart

 ·21 Oct 2022

The future evolves and meets us at a faster rate each year. It offers us so many ways to improve how we live and work: seamlessly, comfortably, quickly, safely and conveniently.

Smart spaces are designed to make your life easier and better, and everything you need is available at Incredible.

What is smart living?

It’s all about using tech and advancements to make life more efficient, controllable, economical, productive, integrated, and sustainable.

Think turning the lights off with a word or setting an ideal temperature before you enter a room.

Picture an office where saying ‘Hey Google, the office is open’ switches lights on, opens blinds and activates smart plugs (including the coffee machine and printer).

Or a home where saying ‘It’s bedtime’ and the lights would dim, TVs and other devices turn themselves off, and the security system activates.

Setting up a smart space is easy

First, you’ll need a mesh system to connect it all. This is a Wi-Fi system that covers your whole house or business, minimizing dead zones while giving you faster speeds.

Mesh ensures that you have a good, stable connection throughout your entire space, and is the backbone of your smart system.

Popular models from Incredible include the TP-Link Deco S4 or the TP-Link Deco E4, which both include parental controls and a 2 year warranty.

Next, you’ll link it to your preferred assistant app, like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or HomeKit.

These are the control centres that let you manage your entire system, usually from your phone or laptop.

Then you take control

So, what can smart spaces do? Common smart space functions include smart lighting, smart cleaning, and smart security.

Smart lighting (like the Xiaomi smart LED bulb or the Xiaomi motion-activated night light) can be activated by voice command or programmed to turn on and off automatically or through motion sensors.

They’re also more energy efficient and come with a 1-year warranty.

Robot vacuum cleaners (like the Evovacs Deebot N8 or the Xiaomi robot vacuum mop) can vacuum and mop, cleaning up spills, and keeping your floors clean throughout the day, or working quietly at night without bothering anyone.

Smart security systems include smart locks with fingerprint, password, or PIN access, and guest entry and timed entry functions.

Smart video doorbells let you record greeting messages, see who’s at the door, and record visitor entry and exit.

You can also monitor exactly what’s happening on your property 24/7 from anywhere in the world with automatic or motion censored cameras, and 2-way voice communication allowing you to speak directly to the person at the other end of the camera.

Connect your existing devices

Smart computing integrates hardware and software, allowing your devices to communicate and share information in real time.

Your smart watch for example (like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 BT 40 or the Apple Watch 3 with GPS) displaying notifications from your phone, which could be in another room.

Or your laptop sending instructions to the printer downstairs while you’re in a meeting. Another exciting function is the ability to convert your existing devices into smart devices.

For example, the Xiaomi MiBox S Ultra turns your regular TV into a smart TV with Disney+, Netflix, DSTV Now and more, with built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant.

It also comes with a 1-year free warranty.

Your smart devices stay powered

Many smart systems come with built-in long battery backup. Incredible also has a well-stocked range of load shedding essentials like generators and inverters to keep you powered up.

Visit your nearest Incredible Connection store or Incredible Connection’s website to check out the entire range.

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