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Cheaper, Faster Internet Access is Essential to Bridging the Digital Gap

 ·31 Oct 2022

According to the Kepios Digital 2022: South Africa report, 41.19 million of South Africa’s population are active internet users – putting internet penetration at 68%.

That also means that 31.8% of the population– remain offline and unable to enjoy access to streaming content, social media platforms, essential online services or participate in the digital economy.

The SA Connect project has been working since 2013 to give the population access to broadband internet by 2030, but has been held up by a number of factors, including the delay in releasing new radio frequency spectrum – which ICASA did for the first time in March 2022.

The release of more spectrum is regarded as crucial to expanding internet connectivity and reducing prices of electronic communication in South Africa.

Any plan, then, that makes connectivity easier and cheaper and addresses the digital divide in the country, should be welcomed.

In September 2021, DStv Internet introduced a mobile data service which made internet connection easier and cheaper.

The demand for access to internet connection was exacerbated during lockdown as the population was forced to switch to working, meeting and studying online.

While not a mass-market product aimed at solving the country’s connectivity needs, DStv Internet did help provide cost-effective capped access to areas without access to fibre infrastructure.

A year later, the company launched uncapped fibre as part of the DStv Internet offering, giving users peace of mind via an accessible service that guarantees faster, smoother and more stable internet access.

Fast, stable fibre internet will help more people get online to access vital services; do their shopping, banking, administration and also work & study – but it will also open up access to gaming, social media and browsing.

Launched in conjunction with the DStv Streama – the company’s first streaming service box – it also allows people to access all their favourite DStv entertainment, news and sport, alongside Showmax, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, YouTube Kids, SuperSport, News24 and People’s Weather – all without purchasing a decoder or installing a satellite dish.

By bundling DStv Internet, the DStv Streama and the cost of subscription to DStv Compact via streaming (the same offering as the Explora-based Compact service), DStv is simplifying access by keeping costs centralised.

The further ability to add the subscription costs of Showmax, Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video – apps all pre-loaded to the DStv Streama – to that DStv bill each month is a further boost that removes challenges for people without credit cards and reduces the amount of time doing unnecessary admin.

In an era of wide-reaching digital services, DStv is streamlining processes, ensuring that customers and their households are connected to the internet with minimum administration, maximum access and opening up a whole new world of digital opportunity for people in South Africa.

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