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Dimension Data multicloud services: How your business can innovate without compromise

 ·1 Nov 2022

A multicloud approach is important for South African companies that want to embrace innovation, according to Dimension Data. Multicloud gives businesses a wide range of cutting-edge cloud-based products, solutions and applications to choose from.

“Businesses need wide array of off-the-shelf, customized and even custom-developed applications,” says Jeff Jack, Principal Practice Head: Cloud at Dimension Data. “The one-stop-shop approach of getting all of your services from one cloud provider has a low probability of success.”

Embracing multicloud is the solution, but without the right managed cloud service provider, you will face several challenges.


Businesses that approach multicloud alone need to acquire costly and specialised skills for each solution they add to their ecosystem. Partnering with Dimension Data, however, makes things much simpler.

“We’ve invested in a diverse range of skills across all the best cloud solutions so that our clients don’t have to,” says Jack. “This means businesses can focus their technical teams on more important tasks, like serving their customers better through great product and service offerings.”


Multicloud also increases complexity, which can be intimidating if you approach this internally. Fortunately, Dimension Data can manage this so that you don’t have to.

“We’ve got years of experience in designing, deploying and optimising comprehensive multicloud ecosystems where all the different parts that your business needs work together,” says Jack.

Therefore, while businesses often see multicloud as a trade-off – flexibility for complexity – Dimension Data gives you the best of both worlds.


Working across different cloud infrastructures increases a business’s security risk. Once again, Dimension Data has you covered.

“When it comes to security, we know what great looks like,” said Jack. “Security is intrinsic to how we build multicloud environments with our clients, and we do this according to best practices.”

This takes a big security burden away from your business and leaves you knowing you are protected.

Why Dimension Data

Dimension Data stands apart from other multicloud-as-a-service providers in South Africa thanks to a comprehensive ecosystem, robust network capabilities in South Africa and support from parent company NTT, giving it access to a backbone network that connects over 20 countries.

Dimension Data is also adjacent to the top hyperscalers in South Africa and has a robust data centre presence in the country.

All of this means you get access to the best-managed multicloud experience in the country – which serves as a platform for unlimited innovation.

“Cloud has driven a fundamental shift in how software is developed and supports incredible innovation,” said Jack. “Born-in-the-cloud businesses thrive because they have embraced the cloud as the ultimate platform for innovation, and Dimension Data is committed to extending this benefit to all of its clients.”

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