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Unbelievable Black Friday deals from Vodacom 4U – 1TB for R349 P/M

 ·9 Nov 2022

Vodacom 4U is offering unbelievable Black Friday deals on two of its most popular LTE data contracts.

With this promotion, you can choose between a 250GB or 1TB monthly data allocation on the Vodacom network at the following prices:

  • 250GB package – R249pm x 36 months
  • 1TB package – R349pm x 36 months

Both of these contracts come with an Alcatel HH72 router, too – allowing you to get online straight away.

These deals are now live on Vodacom4U’s website and will run until 24 November – so don’t miss this opportunity to get more LTE data for less.

We’ve unpacked the two Vodacom 4U Black Friday deals, below.

250GB LTE Data + Alcatel HH72 – R249pm x 36 months

This Vodacom4U package comes with 150GB anytime data and 100GB night data for a total monthly data allocation of 250GB.

This is plenty for all your streaming needs, as well as if you need to complete sizeable downloads.

The 250GB package is also a great choice if you work remotely and need an affordable and stable Internet connection to complete your daily tasks.

1TB LTE Data + Alcatel HH72 – R349 x 36 months

With Vodacom4U’s 1TB Black Friday deal, you’ll never have to worry about running out of data again.

This package comes with 500GB anytime data and 500GB night data – totalling an incredible 1TB per month.

With such a large amount of data on offer, this package is ideal if you are a high-volume user – including gamers who regularly download and update games every month.

You can expect many other awesome Black Friday specials at Vodacom4U this November – so stay tuned to the Vodacom4U website for more details.

Click here to view Vodacom4U’s Black Friday deals.

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