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Broad Media 2022 Digital Marketing Report – Download for free

 ·23 Dec 2022
digital marketing

Broad Media’s 2022 Digital Marketing Report provides valuable insight into the top ways for South African businesses to advertise.

This report was conducted in February 2022 and is based on a survey of 1,782 people who predominantly comprise South African business decision-makers and professionals.

According to the research:

  • 63% of respondents advise their businesses on which products and services to buy.
  • 89% of respondents advise family and friends on which products and services to buy.

Important findings

The report uncovered many findings that are very relevant within the South African market, including:

  • The marketing channels used to find information about products and services.
  • The forms of online advertising that are the most trusted.
  • The advertising options that are the most trusted when buying a new product or service for a business.
  • The most popular social media channels.

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