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MTN Group partners with Microsoft to bring great market benefits to Africa

 ·12 Jan 2023

MTN Group and Microsoft are working together to bring excellent technological benefits to Africa.

The companies have formed a strategic alliance that will unlock value and growth for MTN Group’s clients and foster economic development across markets on the continent.

“At MTN Business, we see a lot of potential for growth in the African market,” said Dr Nkosi Kumalo, General Manager for ICT Products and Capability at MTN Business.

MTN recognises that this growth will depend on robust connectivity, which is in turn reliant upon strategic and global partnerships. This is why we have formed an alliance with Microsoft, which will, in part, bring improved connectivity to the continent.

This will come in the form of enhanced access to infrastructure – a vital move for a continent where only around 30% of the population is connected to the internet, according to the World Bank in 2020.

“The partnership between MTN and Microsoft will help to close the digital divide, and it is also a great opportunity to do something good,” said Vaughn Naidoo, General Manager for B2B Technology COE at MTN South Africa.

Partnership benefits

“MTN partnered with Microsoft as part of its Ambition 2025 goals, which state that everybody deserves the benefit of a digitally-connected lifestyle,” continued Naidoo.

Samer Abu-Ltaif, Corporate Vice-President and President of Microsoft Middle East and Africa, echoed these sentiments.

He said their partnership with MTN will empower and enable the future growth of Africa through the joint development of innovative solutions.

To enable this growth, Microsoft “has created plans to assist and upskill our staff, and those skills will be used to better assist our customers,” said Naidoo.

This, combined with MTN’s well-established presence across major markets, will help drive sales of Microsoft’s products and cloud services across the continent.

One of these major markets is the local SME segment, and MTN’s extensive experience with small businesses across Africa will be vital to ensuring both parties provide even more benefits throughout Africa.

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