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Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd-Gen – The best way to watch your favourite shows in 4K

 ·8 Jun 2023

Xiaomi’s TV Box S 2nd-Gen streaming media player has launched in South Africa.

The previous iteration of this smart TV box is a South African favourite, and the 2nd-gen version improves upon this model in several key areas.

It is now the best way to turn your TV into a Smart TV that can play all of your favourite movies and series in 4K quality.

Xiaomi also offers an unrivalled way to watch all of your favourite shows on the go through its 2K TV Stick media player – which connects straight to the HDMI port of your TV.

We unpack what makes each of these devices the best in their class, below.

Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd-Gen

The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd-Gen streaming box stands apart from its predecessor thanks to its Google certification.

This means it runs Google TV, rather than Android TV, which provides much more native functionality.

Notably, it comes with native versions of the most popular streaming apps, including:

  • YouTube
  • Amazon Prime
  • Showmax
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Spotify
  • And many more

Google TV makes using these apps far simpler than other streaming box operating systems, as these apps are designed specifically for the operating system – rather than third-party apps that offer a less streamlined experience.

Outstanding streaming quality

When watching content on the TV Box S 2nd-Gen’s native streaming apps, you will be blown away by the quality of your favourite movies and series.

This is thanks to the streaming box’s support for 4K quality content, as well as for HDR10+ technology.

4K is the highest resolution offered by most popular streaming services and offers a sharper image and increased detailing thanks to displaying four times the pixels of 1080p content.

HDR10+ then focuses on the fluidity of your content by treating every frame with its own colours, brightness, and contrast settings.

This ensures that the content you end up watching will look more realistic and will not suffer from oversaturation.

The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd-Gen also offers the latest Dolby Technologies:

  • Dolby Vision unlocks the full potential of HDR technology by optimising each image to the device and platform on which it is being used.
  • Dolby Atmos builds a spatial sound profile that adapts to your speakers for a more immersive viewing experience.

These industry-leading technologies will ensure that every movie or show that you watch looks better than ever before.

Smart functionality

The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd-Gen supports several other smart features, too – including native functionality for popular Google apps like Google Assistant, which comes with far more in-depth functionality than its predecessor.

You can now search for specific movies and apps, play music, and control the TV – all through voice commands.

This feature can be activated by saying “Ok Google,” and there is also a Google Assistant button on the Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd-gen’s upgraded remote.

An even bigger improvement to this remote is its IR functionality, which allows you to control your TV and soundbar with the same remote simultaneously.

If you’ve ever spent time searching your living area for the right remote, you will know how frustrating having several remotes can be – but Xiaomi’s new smart remote simplifies this.

Xiaomi 2K TV Stick

The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd-Gen is the ultimate streaming device for your home or business – but if you need a more portable streaming solution, the Xiaomi 2K TV Stick media player is the better option.

This is thanks to its compact size – which can fit in your pocket – and how easy it is to link up to any TV with an HDMI port.

All you have to do is plug it into this port like you would plug a flash drive into your computer, and then power it up with the included micro-USB cable.

You can then immediately download the apps for your preferred streaming services and begin watching your favourite shows and series.

The 2K TV stick offers excellent video quality for such a portable device, as it supports 2K resolution playback and HDR technology for smooth and clear picture quality at all times.

Thanks to this portability, ease of use, and excellent video quality, the 2K TV Stick is the ultimate device for regular travellers who need a convenient way to stream their favourite shows in high quality.

Buy your Xiaomi smart streaming device

Xiaomi’s commitment to the South African market is made clear by the high-quality media players it offers to local consumers.

The new 2nd-Gen Xiaomi Box S is set to take South Africa by storm, and will be a staple in any home that needs to turn its TV smart.

For travellers, the 2K TV Stick is already hugely popular, and it continues to show excellent sales numbers thanks to its portability and excellent picture quality.

Both units can be bought from Takealot, Incredible Connection, HiFi Corp, and Makro for the following prices:

  • Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd-Gen media player– R1,099
  • Xiaomi 2K TV Stick media player – R899
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