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Gizzu launches new portable power stations in South Africa – Get yours now

 ·21 Aug 2023

Gizzu has launched its 2nd-gen power stations locally to help South Africans beat load-shedding.

With large inverter systems being extremely expensive, Gizzu’s portable power stations are a superior alternative – featuring excellent batteries and large outputs in a form factor that is convenient, affordable, and safe.

Designed for South Africa

Gizzu is a local brand and its portable power stations are designed, developed, and tested to handle frequent recharges due to load-shedding.

They also offer a UPS function – meaning you can leave your Gizzu portable power station plugged in and keep working seamlessly when Eskom cuts your power.

Gizzu’s new power stations are also sold with a free voltage protector that protects you from surges when load-shedding ends.

Easy to use

Gizzu has used a simple plug-and-play system for its new power stations that makes them much easier to use than an inverter system.

All you need to do is plug your devices into your Gizzu power station, and they will begin charging or power on immediately.

Each unit also includes a wide range of ports – such as USB Type-A, USB Type-C, AC, DC, and a car socket – and there are a wide range of LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery sizes to choose from, ranging from 512Wh to 3,840Wh.

Gizzu’s LiFePO4 batteries are much safer than traditional lithium-ion batteries, and have much longer lifespans, too.

Build your Gizzu fleet

Thanks to Gizzu power stations’ plug-and-play design, multiple Gizzu 2nd-generation portable power stations can easily be used in different parts of your home to deliver even more power to your appliances and devices.

For example: You can buy a Gizzu portable power station to power your TV, DStv decoder, Wi-Fi, and lights in your lounge.

Then, further down the line, you can buy a second unit that will be placed in your home office to power your desktop computer, printer, and other work devices.

We unpack the benefits of each new Gizzu portable power station, below.

Gizzu Hero Ultra 3,840Wh portable power station – RRP R49,999

The Gizzu Hero Ultra is the king of the Hero line-up, offering a massive 3,840Wh battery and up to 3,600W output.

This means it can handle your most demanding appliances – like irons and air conditioners – and even power tools like electric chainsaws.

You can power a 2,800W tumble dryer for over an hour, or a 2,400W electric chainsaw for 1.3 hours.

With such impressive capacity and output ratings, this is the best power station if you want to live “as usual” during load-shedding.

Gizzu Hero Pro 2,048Wh portable power station – RRP R26,999

The Gizzu Hero Pro comes with a large 2,048Wh battery capacity and an output of up to 2,400W.

This is a great choice if you need to cook during load-shedding as it can power an 800W microwave for 2 hours or a 1,800W air fryer for almost an hour.

Alternatively, it can be used to power a 780W double door fridge for over 2 hours or a 1,200W circular saw for 1.4 hours.

Gizzu Hero Core 512Wh portable power station – RRP R9,999

The Gizzu Hero Core portable power station is the most affordable of the new models, and offers a 512Wh battery capacity with a maximum output of up to 800W.

This makes it great for home entertainment, work, and connectivity – as it can power several small household appliances and tech devices at once.

You can power a 42” LED TV for 4.4 hours, a DStv decoder for 8.7 hours or a combination of both devices for long enough to get you through the most load-shedding stages, or the big sports match.

Thanks to its affordable price of under R10,000, you could buy several of these power stations and allocate them to different people in your home – ensuring that homework and business tasks are not put on hold.

Gizzu Challenger Pro 1,120Wh portable power station – RRP R14,999

Along with the Hero range, Gizzu has launched the Gizzu Challenger Pro portable power station.

This portable power station is great for travelling and off-the-grid use, thanks to its rugged design.

It offers excellent power with a 1,000W output and a 1,120Wh battery – allowing it to power your lights and recharge your torches while camping, or power a camping fridge for 10.4 hours or recharge your laptop 33 times when on an extended trip.

Gizzu’s new power stations can be recharged in 2.2 hours or less, ensuring that even during the most severe stages of load-shedding, power cuts will not hold you back from living your life to the fullest.

Gizzu also offers the following load-shedding devices:

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