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Why your executives need to build a strong personal brand – and how BusinessTech can help

 ·9 Feb 2024

When your company executives have a strong personal brand, it positions your business as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

This is well-known in the business space and backed up by research from Carson College of Business, which found that a C-level executive’s reputation profoundly impacts business success.

The research shows that approximately 44% of the average company’s market value is connected to its CEO, while 45% of a company’s reputation depends on the CEO’s personal brand.

This is data that marketers cannot afford to ignore. Instead, they must prioritise positioning their executives prominently and positively in the public eye.

BusinessTech interview articles

BusinessTech’s interview articles are a great way to establish your executives as industry thought leaders.

 When you book a BusinessTech interview article, we will handle everything – including:

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Our marketing team will also ensure your article campaign runs smoothly and is optimised to maximise the return on your marketing spend.

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