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WigWag to help small businesses manage payments over WhatsApp

 ·15 Feb 2024

WigWag, a new player in the payments industry and powered by Stitch’s infrastructure, has announced the launch of the WigWag Assistant, a payments management bot designed to help small businesses manage their sales over WhatsApp.

In South Africa, 96% of internet users use WhatsApp, and it remains the most popular communication channel in the country. In 2022 there were 21 million users, and it’s estimated that by 2026 this will increase to 26-million.

Business owners can use the WigWag Assistant to eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple apps and browsers for payment management. They can handle all their payment needs directly through a chat app they’re already using, without the need to download a separate app or open Excel on their desktop.

Danielle Laity, General Manager of WigWag, said: “The WigWag Assistant is more than a chat tool; it’s a time saver for small business owners. We recognize that these entrepreneurs need solutions that match their dynamic and mobile lifestyles.”

“By integrating our payment services with WhatsApp through the WigWag Assistant, we’re not just offering a product but empowering businesses with the freedom to manage their finances anywhere, at any time.”

How it works

The WigWag Assistant leverages the WigWag payments API, combined with AI (ChatGPT), to offer an easy solution that caters specifically to the needs of small businesses.

The Assistant is designed for business owners and operators who interact with their clients on Whatsapp already or run other operational aspects of their business through the chat app.

This includes tradespeople, restaurants doing deliveries, personal trainers and any entrepreneur selling goods and services on Whatsapp groups.

Key features of the WigWag Assistant

Get paid: Send payment links to customers by messaging the bot for billing on the go.

Check payment status: Keep an eye on all payments due, and follow up when needed

Check balance: Know your WigWag balance, keeping financials at your fingertips.

Manage customers: Ask the bot for a summary on payments so that you know the status of every sale and customer.

The WigWag Assistant is free and any payments done through the chat are charged at tiered rates based on your total monthly transaction value.

All you need is a WigWag account and to request early access.

Click here for early access

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