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Reach South Africa’s top business decision-makers with display branding on BusinessTech

 ·1 Mar 2024

Display branding campaigns on BusinessTech deliver outstanding reach and excellent click-through rates.

Your advertisements are positioned in high-traffic areas of the BusinessTech website, which ensures your marketing message reaches BusinessTech’s powerful audience of 5 million South African readers.

This audience includes professionals who control the purchasing decisions in their homes and businesses:

  • Business decision-makers – 2.9 million
  • Business owners – 856,000
  • Senior managers – 712,000
  • CEO/Directors – 131,000

Your company will benefit hugely by targeting these business leaders with a prominent branding campaign.

Book a display branding package

There are three types of display branding packages for you to choose from on BusinessTech:

  • Branding takeovers – Position your display banners exclusively on a BusinessTech homepage or category.
  • Run-of-site branding – Advertise through banner placements on the BusinessTech website, across desktop and mobile.
  • Mobile display branding – Advertise through specific banner placements on the BusinessTech website on mobile devices like smartphones.

Our marketing team will manage every aspect of your branding campaign, including banner design, campaign delivery and optimisation, and performance reporting.

Click here to contact the BusinessTech marketing team.

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