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Unfold the Future of Foldables and AI with HONOR’s Magic V2

 ·25 Mar 2024

No longer buzzwords, foldables, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have taken the global smartphone industry by storm.

According to a 2024 study by Stellar Market Research on the Foldable Smartphone Market, this division of smart devices is experiencing significant growth with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.9% – a promising figure in a world that has been dominated by regular bar phones since the termination of flip phones in the early 2010s.

South Africa is a relatively new market to the foldable craze with only five devices from various brands on offer. This provides a very promising exponential growth pattern, as South Africans are more rapidly becoming invested in the latest tech, gadgets, and premium devices that differ from what is currently being offered.

But, what about the AI aspect?

More robust conversations around AI only became prominent when ChatGPT, a generative AI language-model that provides human-like responses from prompts, launched in November of 2022.

In the world of smartphones, AI has become a beneficial addition. Previously, AI was part of features such as voice diction, language translation, and facial recognition – but now, AI is embedded in almost every component of a smart device – from the camera to the security to even downloaded apps.

With technological advancements happening at a rapid pace, many smartphone brands are jumping on the bandwagon. But the issue they all face is the lack of innovation – many offer similar capabilities, just packaged in a different way.

Taking this into account, HONOR, the fastest growing smartphone brand in 2023, has recently launched its Magic Series – which comprises the HONOR Magic V2 and HONOR Magic6 Pro – in South Africa.

Regarded as the world’s thinnest and lightest foldable smartphone, the HONOR Magic V2 is the first foldable device from the brand in the country, ushering the Millimeter Era by measuring only 9.9mm in thickness when folded and weighing 231g – approximately 10g lighter than the flagship devices from competitors.

But what sets the HONOR Magic V2 apart from every other foldable on the market?

First-of-its-Kind Reinforced Hinge

The current concern that many consumers have with foldables is the very visible seam when the device is unfolded. But with the HONOR Magic V2, the seam is nearly invisible thanks to a reimagined gearless hinge design developed by the brand.

The HONOR Super-light Titanium Hinge is SGS-certified for its reliability, resulting in the shaft cover strength increasing by 150%.

The suspended water-drop support of the hinge is also strong and flexible, creating no visible creases when the device is unfolded.

A Dual Battery for Dual Screens

Having a bigger screen layout means more processing power is needed, which will often result in the device battery being drained much quicker. HONOR has developed a specialised 5000mAh Dual Silicon-Carbon Battery specifically for the Magic V2.

The use of silicon and carbon gives the HONOR device a distinct capacity advantages over regular graphite batteries.

Featuring a 12.8% higher energy density than regular batteries and equipped with HONOR’s 66W SuperCharge technology, the end-user of the Magic V2 can enjoy up to 24 hours of uninterrupted use on a single charge.

AI Capabilities That Redefine Smartphones

Taking platform-level AI to a whole new level, HONOR is leading the AI race amongst its competitors which are also dabbling in the machine-driven technology.

Ditch the tripod, embrace the future! The HONOR Magic V2’s AI-driven Falcon Camera System and groundbreaking hover state offer a revolutionary way to capture your world. Effortlessly elevate your photography and videography, taking artistic expression to new heights.

The triple-lens rear camera setup, featuring a 50MP main sensor and OIS, guarantees you won’t miss a moment. The dual 16MP front cameras excel in capturing selfies and facilitating high-quality video calls.

Privacy is a big conversation happening around the world right now. With the AI Privacy Call 3.0, Symmetrical Stereo Dual Speakers certified by IMAX Enhanced, and the HTEE + QTEE Dual-Security System makes the Magic V2 the perfect device to safeguard users’ privacy.

Discover the Magic with the all-new HONOR Magic V2 – available in vegan leather Black. It will retail for the recommended price of R39,999 at your nearest network providers.

For more information, please visit HONOR at

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