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Bank Zero keeps disrupting commercial and business banking in South Africa

 ·26 Mar 2024

Bank Zero remains the only bank in South Africa that offers businesses the exact same pricing that it offers individuals.

This approach to its pricing aligns with Bank Zero’s belief that all basic banking transactions must be free – as they should be treated as a basic human right.

South African banks may claim to do the same as Bank Zero, but they will invariably charge businesses additional monthly fees and other rates that are buried away in their complex pricing guides or terms and conditions.

In contrast, Bank Zero remains the only South African bank to put all its pricing on a single A5 page.

The pricing is clear: both businesses and individuals do not pay a monthly fee, nor do they pay for debit orders, electronic payments, card purchases, or bulk file payments.

Withdrawals are also particularly affordable – with a flat rate of R9 per R1,000 withdrawn.

Leader in digital banking

Further proof of Bank Zero’s pricing superiority was proven earlier this month via independent research conducted by MyBroadband.

The research evaluated the pricing of South Africa’s most prominent digital banks by choosing a hypothetical basket of common monthly transactions, and comparing how much this basket would cost.

Bank Zero is not only the best priced; it also doesn’t force any gimmicky entry-level-accounts onto smaller businesses. Rather, businesses of all turnovers get the same pricing.

It is clear why South Africans businesses, both small and large, are switching to Bank Zero.

Unrivalled technologies

Bank Zero is about more than just the cheapest banking fees, however, and it prides itself on offering the best digital banking features and functionality in the local market.

Examples of this include:

  • Businesses with the appropriate documents can open a Bank Zero profile in 20 minutes.
  • Businesses can change their signatories in minutes on the Bank Zero app.
  • Authorisation chains (signing mandates) flow automatically once set up on the Bank Zero app.
  • Numerous payments – from salaries to supplier payments – can be conducted through a single screen.
  • Unique patented technology makes it impossible for criminals to steal your money – even if they have all your card details (including your CVV).

These and many more innovative features are possible thanks to Bank Zero building its own banking system from the ground up.

By having full control of this development process, Bank Zero can integrate additional security, innovation, and compliance features into the inherent design.

Start banking with Bank Zero

In South Africa, where millions of SMEs remain unbanked, Bank Zero presents a golden opportunity to access world-class business banking features at a fraction of the normal price.

Contact Bank Zero to learn more.

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