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The power of thought leadership articles on BusinessTech

 ·12 Apr 2024

BusinessTech is South Africa’s largest and most influential business news website and the preferred source of news for the country’s key financial purchasing decision-makers.

This makes it the ideal platform for executives to publish their valuable thought leadership articles.

Thought leadership articles benefit from BusinessTech’s strong industry reputation, and this positions the author as a respected voice in their field.

The business the executive works for also benefits immensely, as companies with highly respected executives are considered more trustworthy and competent by prospective clients.

Book a thought leadership article

BusinessTech’s marketing team is ready to help you publish and promote your thought leadership articles.

A skilled BusinessTech journalist can also write the article on an executive’s behalf, if required.

Once published on BusinessTech, your article will be promoted on Facebook, X, and LinkedIn, too.

Our marketing team will then report back on the success of your thought leadership articles – detailing the reach and engagement.

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