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Gaming without borders: Canyon Gaming now in South Africa

 ·9 Jul 2024

Canyon Gaming announces the launch of its product line in the South African market. Canyon Gaming devices feature a stylish design and the necessary functionality for basic-level gaming at an affordable price, making them an ideal choice for novice gamers.

The product line includes gamepads, mouse and keyboard pads, mice, keyboards, headsets, gaming chairs.

Canyon Gaming products are designed with every gamer’s needs in mind, featuring multi-function programmable buttons, built-in memory, and unique designs.

Canyon Gaming positions their products as high-quality at an affordable price, making accessories suitable not only for gaming but also for everyday work.


Canyon Gaming offers a wide selection of gaming mice equipped with advanced sensors and customizable buttons to suit different gaming styles and preferences.

The line includes the Vigil GM-2, Apstar GM-12, Braver GM-728, Shadder GM-321, Accepter GM-211, Corax GM-5N, Puncher GM-20, and Puncher GM-11, each tailored for specific gaming needs.


Canyon Gaming keyboards are designed for durability and performance. With ergonomic designs and features like mechanical switches and customizable lighting, they deliver a comfortable and immersive gaming experience.

The line includes the Deimos GK-4, Hazard GK-6, and Nightfall GK-7, combining mechanical precision with customizable features for an enhanced typing and gaming experience.


The Shadder GH-6, Darkless GH-9A, and Interceptor GH-8A headsets provide clear and deep audio, allowing you to hear every hit and collision while gaming. The high-quality microphone allows you to clearly coordinate actions with a team of other players.

The line also includes a unique Bluetooth headset, Doublebee GTWS-2, designed not only for games but also equipped with a “Music” mode and touch controls.

Gaming chairs

The line includes gaming chairs Nightfall GC-7, Fobos GC-3, Deimos GC-4, and Corax GC-5, providing ergonomic support and comfort for long gaming sessions.

The Canyon Gaming product range is now available for purchase from partners such as BT Games, Game4U, @IT Computer Stores, Takealot, and Game. For more information and detailed specifications of each product, visit the official Canyon Gaming website.

About Canyon Gaming

Canyon Gaming, a sub-brand of Canyon, is a series of high-quality PC gaming accessories designed for novice gamers. The devices will be an ideal choice for those who love a unique design and advanced functionality at an affordable price.

About Canyon

Canyon, a brand with a twenty-year history, offers a wide range of mobile and PC accessories, smart gadgets, and gaming solutions. The brand began its activities in the Netherlands in 2003. Canyon currently has 16 offices in Europe, and its products are sold in more than 30 countries.

Click here to visit the Canyon Gaming website.

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