Gumtree wins the Internet in SA

Having recently listed on Effective Measure through the IAB for the first time, local classifieds site Gumtree has revealed it sees 8 million unique visitors each month.

The latest Effective Measure statistics for August 2014 showed that the figure is almost double the previously speculated number, and puts the site firmly ahead of News24 as South Africa’s largest website.

Gumtree offers free classified advertising services across a range of different categories – from goods and business services, to car sales or living arrangements.

Gumtree started in the UK, and was bought by eBay in 2000.

It launched in South Africa in 2005, and in May was speculated to get between 3 and 5 million unique users a month, according to Balancing Act.

At the time, Gumtree Head Of Marketing Claire Cobbledick said that most users accessed the site via PC, with mobile and tablet figures growing rapidly. She also said that, despite the site’s large traffic volumes, there was room for even more growth.

“Despite the size of the traffic currently, we believe it can grow bigger. We launched in the Cape Town region and if we can replicate the scale of traffic we get there in other regions (particularly in the northern provinces), we’ll see a further 30-40% growth.”

“Our audience – unlike publishers sites, which tend to be more top-end – is anyone who has access to the Internet. They range from a security guard looking for a job to a person selling a boat.”

Top 10 SA websites (Effective Measure, August 2014)

# Site Unique Browsers
1 7,956,912
2 4,492,374
3 2,345,855
4 1,893,329
5 1,523,145
6 1,447,709
7 1,442,193
8 1,332,352
9 1,259,374
10 1,238,961

Gumtree’s direct competitors in South Africa include Naspers-owned OLX,, None of the competing sites are listed on Effective Measure.

However,’s local site rankings also lists Gumtree as the largest local site in South Africa, ahead of News24, FNB Online, and

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Gumtree wins the Internet in SA