The 500 worst passwords in the world

In his book Knowledge is Beautiful, David McCandless has collected infographics spanning all kinds of subject matter to visually display the data we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

The infographics can be seen on his website Information is Beautiful.

One of the infographics of relevance to most Internet users is the 500 most popular English language passwords.

Styled like a scatter graph, passwords are sorted alphabetically from left to right – with those closer to the top the most popular and the variation in text size indicating password strength.

The graphic shows that traditionally weak passwords, such as “12345678”, “password” and “qwerty” remain the most used passwords, though their strength is severely lacking.

Other commonly used passwords, such as “abc123” and “trustno1”, however, appear to be stronger thanks to the character and number combinations, despite their apparent overuse.

Passwords infographic

The infographic shows that passwords close to the top of the list can be rated as “stronger” than those lower down by algorithms that measure password strength.

One could argue that users might easily be given a false sense of security about their passwords, even though simple hacks could guess them.

There is also a section on the most common password categories. The table below shows which categories are the most used when selecting a password.

Password Categories
Password Categories

More excerpts from Knowledge is Beautiful and zoomed in portions of the password infographic are available on the BBC News Magazine website.

This article was republished with permission from MyBroadband.

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The 500 worst passwords in the world