T-Systems launches Network-in-a-Box for businesses opening new branches

T-Systems South Africa has launched a ‘Network-in-a-Box’ solution for local businesses expanding operations in new locations, franchise sites, pop-up stores, short term leases and other in-branch opportunities, to instantly connect to their broader corporate infrastructure and to the external Internet while maintaining compliance to corporate and other legal policies.

Network-in-a-Box, said T-Systems, connects businesses in a matter of hours, carrying through all of the organisation’s network and user identity policies, and enabling secure access to company systems.

“We’re dramatically simplifying and accelerating the process of setting up shop in a new location,” said T-Systems’ portfolio manager for connectivity and networks, Louis Kirstein.

“Everything is immediately available – from your active directory, to your security protocols, IP telephony systems, payment platforms, guest access policies, Cloud business services, and any other systems available on the corporate network.”

The new solution leverages whatever connection is available – from fixed-line options like fibre and DSL, to wireless services like 3G and LTE, private networks like MPLS, and even satellite, he added. As new infrastructure becomes available, Network-in-a-Box accommodates the increased bandwidth.

Network-in-a-Box is ideally suited to:

  • Retail: franchise and pop-up store environments, as well as other temporary installations such as mass sporting and music events, stores in shopping malls undergoing renovations, stores at commuter networks, and sites where businesses may simply be ‘testing the waters’ in terms of viability.
  • Automotive: temporary installations when expanding operations to include vehicle servicing and other franchise requirements
  • Manufacturing: connecting disparate operations across plants and manufacturing facilities

“The solution was designed based on a clear need to help our clients to become more agile,” said Kirstein.

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T-Systems launches Network-in-a-Box for businesses opening new branches