Discovery Vitality price increases and changes for 2019

 ·9 Nov 2018

Discovery Vitality members can expect an 8% increase in premiums for 2019, along with a number of other changes and new additions.

One of the bigger changes to Vitality in 2019 is a slight reworking of the health check. Members can still earn the minimum of 2,500 points for doing a health check, with additional points based on the results.

In 2018, points were awarded on a ascending scale based on how many of the five checks were in range, climbing from 2,500 points (one check in range) to 20,000 points (all five checks in range). In 2019, the awarded points are curbed if any check returns a ‘high-risk’ result.

For example, previously, a result with three checks in range would have awarded 10,000 points. In 2019, this will be dropped to 7,500 if one high-risk result is returned, and cut to 5,000 if two high-risk results are returned. However, the total points for five in-range checks has been boosted to 22,500.

Discovery is also pushing its two newest additions, Vitality Purple and Vitality Drive, which were both introduced over the last year.

Discovery Purple is available to higher-tier medical aid scheme policy holders, and offers further benefits like discounts on spa treatments, fitness devices, bicycles and gym contracts, as well as having access to personal fitness consultants. The prices for the scheme have increased to R429 per month.

Vitality Drive is Discovery’s drive tracking scheme aimed at creating better driving habits through a separate rewards channel.

The plan awards points for good driving behaviour and various other vehicles safety metrics, and gives discounts on insurance premiums, fuel rewards, delivery services and other vehicle accessories.

Discovery has also boosted is Vitality Active Rewards, which gives guaranteed rewards as members go about living healthier lifestyles. The group has introduces a gamefied version to tracking fitness with a Vitality gameboard, which can be played when personal goals set on the app are achieved.

The points can be spent on weekly rewards, or stored for up to 12 weeks for greater incentives.

Price changes

The table below outlines the rate changes for 2019:

Scheme 2018 2019 Change
Vitality Member R239 R259 8.4%
Vitality Member + 1 R289 R309 6.9%
Vitality Member + 2 R329 R359 9.1%
Vitality Purple Member R399 R429 7.5%
Vitality Purple Member + 1 R459 R495 7.8%
Vitality Purple Member + 2 R499 R539 8.0%
Vitality Active R40 R45 12.5%

The 2019 brochure is embedded below:

Vitality and Card Digital Sales Brochure 2019 by BusinessTech on Scribd

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