Discovery has launched a new life expectancy calculator – take the test

Discovery has launched its new Vitality Healthy Futures calculatorwhich analyses an individual’s unique biometrics to give them a basic overview of their health and lifestyle.

The calculator is based on a Healthy Futures algorithm that leverages the largest source of risk-disease outcomes data in the world – IHME’s Global Burden of Disease – comprising more than 200 causes of death, more than 300 diseases and injuries and 84 risk factors.

The data has been augmented with Discovery data, comprising millions of life-years to allow for a new and clinically accurate set of questions.

In addition, this healthspan prediction tool incorporates insights from studies being conducted with Professor Hal Hershfield at the University of California, Los Angeles, which explores how to motivate people about their risks in a way they understand.

The calculator provides users with five key health metrics:

  • Their lifespan;
  • Their healthspan;
  • The number of effective sick years they will have;
  • The breakdown of likely diseases that will make up these years;
  • The most important next step or behaviour they can change to increase their healthspan.

“The potential of this algorithm is profound. The differences between very healthy and unhealthy individuals is stark – in many cases, completing the recommended action results in healthspan being doubled, while the percentage of life spent in illness is more than halved,” said Discovery chief executive Adrian Gore.

“Beyond individuals, this has implications for governments and healthcare systems dealing with growing healthcare burdens; employers dealing with an increasingly unhealthy and unproductive workforce; and insurers who need to be incentivising better future health.”

You can find the calculator here.

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Discovery has launched a new life expectancy calculator – take the test