How much more it costs to have a Heritage Day braai in South Africa

 ·24 Sep 2023

While the price of goods is expected to be more expensive compared to six years ago, the prices for a braai day have outstripped inflation considerably over the period, with a Heritage Day braai now costing 38% compared to 2017.

South Africa’s inflation jumped marginally higher in August (4.8%), following four months of consecutive declines.

Despite this, annual food and non-alcoholic beverages (NAB) inflation dropped from 9.9% in July to 8.0%. Besides fruit, all food and NAB categories recorded lower annual rates in August.

General meat inflation also declined from 5.1% in July to 3.6% in August, and, besides chicken giblets and beef extract, the prices for most beef and chicken products dropped. The price index for meat was also 0.7% lower in August compared to July.

Additionally, the annual inflation for alcoholic beverages declined from 7.8% in July to 6.9% in August. Beer prices and wine prices subsided by 0.8% and 0.3% from July to August, respectively.

Despite these encouraging signs, when the prices of these goods are compared over a longer period of time, it shows food goods have outstripped headline inflation by a notable margin.

How much more you’re paying

Considering Heritage Day next week, The Outlier compared the prices of a braai basket for 10 people consisting of eight items to illustrate how much more expensive a braai costs in South Africa.

The basket included:

  • Biltong 1kg
  • Beef rump steak 2.5kg
  • Beer 330ml 20-pack
  • Boerewors 1.25kg
  • Ice-cream 2L
  • Potatoes 2.3kg
  • Chips 2 large packs
  • Bread rolls 12-pack

According to the Outlier, to have 10 friends over for a Heritage Day braai six years ago would have cost you R1,044. In 2023, the latest data from Stats SA shows the same braai – meat, beer, potatoes and some sides – will cost you R1,437, or 38% more.

Compared to headline CPI data from, inflation over the same period equated to 28.3% – meaning the cost of the braai basket outstripped CPI by a significant 9.7% as of September 2023.

Of all the items on our ‘braai day’ shopping list, biltong has increased the most, with the price increasing by 60%. According to Stats SA, the price of 1kg of biltong will cost you R400 in 2023. Six years ago, the same amount cost R250.

Additionally, the price of a 2-litre tub of ice cream has shot up 53% from R49 in 2017 to R76 in 2023.

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