Woolworths offers pet insurance

 ·11 Oct 2023

Woolworths has recently launched WPetInsure, a comprehensive pet insurance product that accommodates all people regardless of their budget.

The retailer noted that new and existing customers alike will have the opportunity to sign up for first-rate pet insurance for cats and dogs.

“With multiple cover options built to suit a variety of lifestyles and pocket sizes, Woolworths is helping its customers ensure they are adequately covered for any mounting pet-related costs as and when they need it,” Woolworths said.

With medical expenses, routine care, hospital stays, and even transportation now a fixture in pet owners’ lives, Woolworths customers can choose from Classic, Hospital, Accident, and Premium Plans with an option for extended booster benefits.

The four plans range from R115 to R460 per month, depending on your insurance needs.

To apply, prospective customers will need:

  • South African ID – Pet Insurance is available for individuals 18 years or older;
  • Personal banking details – You’ll need these on hand to setup a recurring debit order; and
  • Pet’s medical details – We need to know if your pet has any existing medical conditions or injuries.

“At Woolworths, we are always looking for new ways to offer our customers quality products and solutions that they can trust,” said Jon Hartley, Commercial and Product Executive at Woolworths Financial Services, “and with WPetInsure, this is no different.

“We are acutely aware of the important role pets play in South African homes and hearts, and we are proud to be able to offer our customers a product that will not only keep their pets happy and healthy but will also safeguard their finances against unexpected medical bills,” he added.

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