South African beer prices vs the world

 ·7 Jul 2015

European ticketing and travel comparison site, GoEuro, has compiled a Beer Price Index, showing which global cities give you the most beer for your buck.

The index combines data from 75 cities around the world, including the 5 commonly imported beers along with the main local beer, GoEuro said.

The prices for the beers were calculated using the average price of local and imported 330ml draught beers at several major hotel chains and stores in each city, not taking purchasing power into account.

The group found that Polish cities enjoyed the cheapest beer in dollar terms, costing on average between $1.66 (R20.60) and $2.15 (R26.69) for a beer in the country.

Swiss drinkers can expect to pay the most, with an average price of around $6.32 (R78.45) for a 330ml drink.

Representing South Africa, Cape Town is listed as having the 12th cheapest beer in the world at an average price of $2.14 (R26.58).

Cape Town’s hotels reveal a rather high average of $3.20 (R39.75) for a beer, but the city has a much lower store-bought average of $1.08 (R13.42).

World’s cheapest beer

City Country Average price (Supermarket) Average price (Bar) Overall Average
Krakow Poland $0.62 $2.70 $1.66
Kiev Ukraine $0.97 $2.36 $1.66
Bratislava Slovakia $1.15 $2.22 $1.69
Malaga Spain $0.63 $2.80 $1.72
Delhi India $1.18 $2.31 $1.75
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam $0.99 $2.58 $1.78
Mexico City Mexico $0.88 $3.03 $1.96
Belgrade Serbia $0.60 $3.34 $1.97
Asuncion Paraguay $1.04 $2.93 $1.98
Bankgkok Thailand $1.10 $3.12 $2.11
Cairo Egypt $0.95 $3.27 $2.11
Cape Town South Africa $1.08 $3.20 $2.14
Warsaw Poland $0.70 $3.60 $2.15
Bali Indonesia $1.35 $3.00 $2.18
Manila Philippines $0.61 $3.94 $2.28

World’s most expensive beer

City Country Average price (Supermarket) Average price (Bar) Overall Average
Geneva Switzerland $1.87 $10.77 $6.32
Hong Kong China $1.46 $10.86 $6.16
Tel Aviv Israel $2.06 $9.53 $5.79
Oslo Norway $3.45 $7.17 $5.31
New York USA $1.44 $8.97 $5.20
Singapore Singapore $1.89 $8.37 $5.13
Miami USA $1.29 $8.97 $5.13
Helsinki Finland $1.64 $8.17 $4.91
Tokyo Japan $2.38 $7.17 $4.77
Abu Dhabi UAE $1.17 $8.14 $4.66
Zurich Switzerland $1.66 $7.53 $4.60
Rome Italy $1.02 $8.13 $4.57
London UK $1.69 $7.35 $4.52
Sydney Australia $2.37 $6.56 $4.46
Buenos Aires Argentina $0.92 $7.80 $4.36

While the figures are a direct conversion to dollars, when purchasing power is factored in, local beer is even cheaper.

In a cost of living study compiled by Deutsche Bank earlier this year, the group found that a beer in Cape Town is 27% of the price you would pay in New York (the standard measure).

The same beer that would cost you $5.31 (R65.97) in New York would only cost $1.43 (R17.76) in Cape Town, on average, in PPP terms.

According to World Health Organization beer is the alcohol of choice in South Africa, with 48% of the drinking population favouring the beverage over wine (18%) and spirits (17%).

The WHO also noted in its 2014 alcohol and health report that South Africa’s average alcohol consumption is almost double the WHO African region average.

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