The friendliest (and unfriendliest) cities in the world

 ·2 Sep 2015

Travel+Leisure magazine has listed the world’s friendliest and unfriendliest cities, as voted for by close to 200,000 readers.

Only one South African city made an appearance out of the 60 cities listed – and fortunately it featured in the friendly column.

Cape Town was ranked by the publication as the 11th friendliest city in the world, with an overall score of 89.02.

According to T+L, the city’s sights, sounds and lifestyle – as well as the “warm, welcoming people” – earned the Mother City a proverbial gold star.

Leading all cities is Galway, in Ireland, which earned the top score of 92.03. T+L readers described the city as hospitable, and full of humour, home to “the friendliest people [they had] ever met”.

Irish cities featured in three of the top five spots on the list.

Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland

The 15 friendliest cities in the world

# City Country Score
1 Galway Ireland 92.025
2 Charleston South Carolina, USA 91.633
3 Dublin Ireland 91.342
4 Cork Ireland 90.840
5 Siem Reap Cambodia 90.667
6 Auckland New Zealand 90.517
7 Melbourne Australia 90.229
8 Sydney Australia 89.910
9 Edinburgh Scotland 89.422
10 Savannah Georgia 89.167
11 Cape Town South Africa 89.023
12 Austin Texas, USA 88.456
13 Kyoto Japan 88.293
14 Nashville Tennessee, USA 87.609
15 Asheville North Carolina, USA 87.490

No South African cities featured on the unfriendliest list, though a 2014 survey conducted by Conde Nast gave Johannesburg the dubious honour of being titled the world’s unfriendliest city.

According to Travel + Leisure’s rankings, the dishonour in 2015 goes to Moscow, Russia, with a score of 60.25.

T+L readers described the city’s citizens as unhelpful and “aloof”, while the city itself was not tourist friendly, with bad traffic and a poor culinary scene.

Atlantic City in New Jersey, USA, was ranked second worst, with rude, “fast-paced” people.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

The 15 unfriendliest cities in the world

# City Country Score
1 Moscow Russia 60.250
2 Atlantic City New Jersey, USA 61.361
3 St Petersburg Russia 65.419
4 Marseille France 66.316
5 Los Angeles California, USA 68.090
6 New York City New York, USA 63.129
7 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA 69.292
8 Baltimore Maryland, USA 69.380
9 Las Vegas Nevada, USA 69.462
10 Cannes France 69.910
11 Beijing China 70.497
12 Miami Florida 70.681
13 Washington D.C. USA 71.411
14 Frankfurt Germany 71.528
15 Boston Massachusetts 72.925

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