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DA calls for Motsoeneng dismissal – says he earns R350,000 a month sitting at home

DA calls for Motsoeneng dismissal – says he earns R350,000 a month sitting at home

The Democratic Alliance has called for Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s immediate dismissal, citing a breach in the SABC Code of Conduct, after he arranged his own press briefing on the state of the public broadcaster.

Motsoeneng was stripped of his title of chief operations officer at the SABC after a court set aside his appointment.

In December 2016, the Western Cape High Court also ruled in favour of the DA, finding the appointment of Motsoeneng as the SABC’s group executive of corporate affairs unlawful and irrational.

The court stated that Motsoeneng may not hold any position at the SABC until he has faced a satisfactory disciplinary hearing and/or findings and remedial action by the Public Protector have been reviewed and set aside by another court.

“While Motsoeneng is entitled to address the media as a private individual, he has no mandate to speak on behalf of the SABC and should in fact currently be in the middle of a disciplinary inquiry against him,” said the DA.

DA shadow minister of communications Phumzile Van Damme said: “Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s press conference today to address issues facing the SABC is grounds for him to be immediately fired from the public broadcaster as he has breached the SABC Code of Conduct.”

Van Damme called on the interim board at the SABC to terminate his employment, “and rid the SABC of the man responsible for the deep institutional rot at the public broadcaster”.

She said that although the Western Cape High Court ordered that Motsoeneng cannot hold a position at the SABC, pending the conclusion of disciplinary proceedings and/or the Public Protector’s report being set aside, it did not dismiss him from the public broadcaster.

“He, therefore, remains an employee without portfolio and draws a salary of R350,000 a month for sitting at home.”

As such, Motsoeneng was still bound by its Code of Conduct and various rules and regulations while awaiting his disciplinary hearing, said the DA.

It said the SABC’s disciplinary code lists misconduct as grounds for summary dismissal if an employee of the public broadcaster deliberately causes negative reporting of SABC affairs in the media.

“This is my press conference. I do not need permission to talk. I called this as a citizen. I have a responsibility as former COO,” Motsoeneng told the media, as reported by News24.

He said that as he is still an employee of the SABC, he could not divulge his salary.

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  • aad 3point 0

    Amazing how such low iQ can accomplish so much………..No wait…….. it is all about networking

    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      Kissing Zuma and Gupta butt helps

      • Jibbers Crabst

        and BEE, maybe

    • Joe Deplorable

      Low IQ is a requirement in the circles of ANC cadres. Whites are not welcomed there.

  • James Dean

    Never has this country had so many glorified overpaid incompetent corrupt ministers.

    • OnceBitten2

      This country is going one way, but we all saw it coming 10 years ago, very sad, such a beautiful country with such wonderful people who don’t deserve this idiot of a president. Something drastic needs to be done and fast. How can 1 man and a selected few, bring 56 million people to their knees? Burn him out!

  • wrongturn

    Wow, wouldn’t mind earning 350k a month sitting at home. Once he does get fired and moved to a minister position, he’ll likely get a nice “golden handshake” too.

    • [email protected]

      Should not be permissable in the case of summary dismissal.

      Also, all remuneration that was irrregularly approved by himself can probably be recovered from him.

      • Viper_ZA

        Nothing will be recovered, this is another cadre after all…

      • john speck

        Do you really believe it will happen,he will wall away with a golden handshake ,mark my words.He will keep all the illegal money aswell and .
        keep the 11mil bonus he paid himself.

      • OnceBitten2

        He will be paid a “golden handshake”, 35 % commission to Zuma, just like Eskom’s ex who is now being investigated over his handshake package, which will take the next 10 years to resolve…… delay, delay, delay, by then everyone has forgotten about it, like 783. Why should these Ceo’s follow company protocol, when the top leader of this country doesn’t? The mindset is, if my boss does it blatantly, well then, so can I. Zuma leads by example, just the wrong type of example. But then again what can one expect from a grade six’er? What amazes me is that Zuma has limited education, but is way ahead of the pack when it comes to getting away with “murder”. He’s not as stupid as he pretends to be, especially with the Gupta’s whispering in his ear and directing his every move.

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    This is why nobody should pay thier TV license as they are sponsoring this arrogant, corrupt, idiot.

    • Number4Oar

      Or any other tax for that matter.

  • lino_lupus

    Standard ANC operating procedure….

  • OWL

    The money Zuma has wasted on so many of these crooked Cadre-appointments, declared unfit by the courts (Cloudy, Phyega, Mdluli, Jiba, Ntlemeza to name but a few), exceeds the stealing at Nkandla by millions!
    WHEN oh WHEN, Afriforum, is Gerrie getting the mother of all court cases going???

  • Teresa Williams

    He doesn’t EARN it – he is PAID it – big difference.

  • Pieter

    Remember to pay you tv license folks, it is illegal not to! 🙂

  • Frank Payne

    What a travesty. How can he be paid to occupy a position the High Court has deemed he may not hold. His appointment was tainted from the start, so how can he profit from such a situation. It’s ridiculous!

  • Ray Mulder

    How come if I cock up at work I will get the boot and my pension, and at the end of the month it would seem like I never even worked there before, so complete would be the paperwork to stop my next salary cheque.

  • letsrockza

    poor DA, fighting loosing battles, you cant win, stop limiting water usage on cape flats, try cbd,etc. see what happens

  • Brian

    This seems to be SABC’s only comedy show. It doesn’t appeal to my sense of humour though.

  • SA First

    That money could be used for bursaries….fire him.

  • Runnin Bare

    Clowning Motsoeneng…..

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