Huawei sees big jump in smartphone market share in South Africa

 ·20 Mar 2018

Huawei on Tuesday highlighted the strides it has made in the premium smartphone segment in South Africa.

The Shenzhen-based mobile and technology group said in a press briefing in Sandton that it has grabbed a 16.3% market share locally for all smartphone devices, while for premium devices ($600), market share has improved to 13.8%.

A previous Effective Measure South Africa Mobile Report for 2017 indicated that Samsung remains the dominant mobile brand locally, with a 40% market share, while Apple is second at 10%, followed by Huawei at 9%.

Globally, the operator commands a 10% market share for all smartphones, having shipped 153 million devices in 2017, up from 139 million in 2016. For premium devices, its market share is up to 8.4%, from less than 4% in 2016.

Huawei general manager for SA consumer business, Zhao Likun, noted that sales for the Mate 10 are up 66% from the Mate 9.

Likun said that consumers want more innovation in their technology which is why the group was proud to deliver the world’s first Artificial Intelligence powered devices through its Mate 10 series.

The GM noted that Huawei is also leading the charge in 5G, and will launch its first commercial 5G phone in 2019.

Looking ahead, Likun said that the company will look at consolidation in the more affordable market in South Africa. On Monday, Huawei launched the Honor 7X and 9 Lite, affordable smartphones in SA.

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