Are you a mobile addict?

Findings by analytics firm, Flurry show that mobile addicts – people who use their devices six times more than regular users – are on the rise.

Flurry defines a mobile addict as someone who opens up or launches apps more than 60 times a day.

From its data, tracking 500,000 apps on 1.3 billion devices as of March 2014, an average consumer launches 10 apps a day.

Mobile usage over the past year is increasing across all segments, but mobile addicts showed the largest growth – 123% – since 2013.

According to the group, there are now 176 million mobile users opening apps more than 60 times a day, up from 79 million users in 2013.

“Mobile Addicts launch apps over 60 times per day, making them consumers that are effectively wearing their devices,” Flurry said.

“This analysis of the Mobile Addict should give us a sneak preview into the make-up of early-adopters of Wearables, and what types of apps and experiences will resonate with them.”

Flurry analytics, Mobile usage 2013-2014
Flurry analytics, Mobile usage 2013-2014

Who are mobile addicts?

Flurry also painted a picture of what your typical mobile addict would look like, based on a sample of 100,000 mobile users.

Females are more likely to be addicts, with 52% of total addicts being female and 48% male.

Mobile addicts are mostly made up of college or varsity students (18-24) and teens (13-17) – though middle-aged consumers (35-54) actually indexed higher than teens, making up 28% of addicts.

Flurry said this was likely due to middle-aged consumers being part of a family with shared devices amongst the household.

In terms of personas, amongst women, Flurry found mobile addicts were most likely to be moms, followed by educators, gamers and sports fans.

In men, auto enthusiasts, educators, gamers and shoppers were the most addicted personas.

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Are you a mobile addict?