Major WhatsApp redesign rolling out – what you need to know

 ·10 May 2024

WhatsApp has announced its new user interface redesign, which is currently being rolled out for IOS and Android users.

On 9 May, Meta introduced some of the changes to WhatsApp’s interface that make it more user-friendly and modern.

The app now features new illustrations, redesigned icons, and a deeper dark mode for Android.

Meta said its primary focus over the years has been on enhancing the utility of the app by introducing new features.

However, as the app evolved with additional features, it became clear that the design also needed a refresh to keep the interface simple, approachable, and modern, it added.

In response, WhatsApp set out to create a more up-to-date interface while maintaining the app’s essential features, said Meta.

These changes involve a new layout and icons intended to help users find what they need more quickly. The app now includes updated illustrations with added animations that offer “a bit of fun”.

In addition, WhatsApp has introduced a darker dark mode for the Android app.

This mode focuses on higher contrast and deeper tones to reduce eye strain in low-light settings, which also enhances the app’s visual appeal and legibility.

The updated design also offers a more user-friendly experience.

The Android app now features a modern and native bottom navigation bar, which places tabs closer to users’ thumbs for a more intuitive navigation experience.

This update aligns with common Android design practices. On iOS, sending photos and videos has been simplified with a new attachment layout.

The full-screen menu has been replaced with an expandable tray, making it easier for users to access features like media, polls, documents, and more with greater clarity.

Additionally, both the Android and iOS apps now offer chat filters, which allow users to easily focus on and locate important conversations faster.

Meta also noted that WhatsApp has also refreshed the original default background in chats.

“We learned that most people use the doodle, but there was an opportunity to make it even more unique and related to everyday conversations.

“Our team reviewed every piece of artwork in the doodle and explored new options that were simple in style and better represented a diverse set of people and objects,” it said.

Despite these updates, the app’s core functionality remains unchanged. These updates are now available to all users.

“These updates represent a huge effort from a multidisciplinary team of designers and we’re excited for everyone to try them out,” said Meta.

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