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ANC ministers have expensive taste when it comes to cars – this is what they drive

ANC ministers have expensive taste when it comes to cars – this is what they drive

The Democratic Alliance has recently published a list of luxury vehicles ordered by ANC ministers as part of the 2016/17 adjusted budget, announced in October.

While the DA has banned the purchase or leasing of luxury vehicles, it has accused the ruling party of continued wasteful expenditure by purchasing R1 million vehicles in a time when the economy has stalled, and millions of South Africans are without work.

The DA has listed luxury vehicles assigned to ministers as part of its report on R1.29 billion in “wasteful expenditure buried in the Adjustments Appropriation Bill”.

The amount includes the following new luxury cars for government ministers:

  • 2 Toyota Fortuners for the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies
  • Value: R623,788 and R625,718 respectively


  • 2 BMW-5 Series Sedans for the Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa
  • Value: R740,299 and R742,425 respectively


  • 1 BMW X5 for the Minister of Communications, Faith Mthambi
  • Value: R1.065 million


  • 1 Ford Everest for the Minister of Public Service and Administration, Ngoako Ramatlhodi
  • Value: R714,500


  • Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quatrro for the Deputy-Minister in the Presidency for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Buti Manamela
  • Value: R971,423


  • An Audi A8 and Audi A7 for the Deputy-Minister of Public Service and Administration, Ayanda Dlodlo
  • Value: R750,000 and 735,000 respectively


Using data supplied by Naamsa (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa), Wheels24 recently published a list of vehicles purchased by government in the first half of 2016.

Read: Why public officials should drive luxury cars: ANC Youth League

The orders included 136 BMWs,  25 Audis, three Mercedes, three Lexus models, four Jeeps, and an Infiniti – the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan.

By contrast, WesBank points out that South Africans have turned to used cars, ditching premium models for locally made ones due to the current state of the economy.

The financial services firm noted that the average new vehicle financed in November cost R293,500, while the average used car financed in November cost R190,500.

Read: South Africans turn to used cars, and ditch premium models for locally made ones

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  • Jan Vosloo

    Must be interesting seeing the MPs arrive at parlement; Malema in his X5, Zuma in his Range Rover, Maimane in his i10…

    • Alex

      But they all get there in the end.

      • Ken M

        Nah, most of them stay home these days.

    • Greg Gow

      No Maimane also has an expensive car. Lexus top of the range.

      • Is it funded by the taxpayer or does he pay for it himself?

        • Greg Gow

          Part of the parlimentary deal

        • Madimetsha

          no, the hand book is only for Ministers and their deputies

    • Ne3M

      Good point, how can malema drive an anti revolutionary vehicle from the capitalist pigs! He should embody the struggle of the communist and drive the vehicles from the communist glory!

      • wrongturn

        Yugo would be a good choice.

      • Brian

        Made by those white German colonialists no less, who stole the land. Maybe he should import the latest 1957 Ford Fairlane from his beloved Cuba? Price seems to be no object so he has plenty of choices.

      • brz

        I think the ANC can import some of those Ladas from Russia, the ones based on the Fiat 124. Their ministers driving tatty Ladas will surely drive (!) the revolutionary point home.

      • Biloko

        Agreed – Malema, being a good Communist, should be riding a bicycle – not a fancy one, just a simple bike … it would do him a lot of good too as he needs to lose a bit of weight …

    • Blapartheid Zulu

      That could probably win more votes for the DA lol. It’s fine, we can donate a nice car for Maimane by the poeple

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    This shows that the more useless and corrupt the ministers are, the more expensive the cars they drive … so no surprise that Faith Mthambi has the most expensive car in the list.

    • Wulvz

      And the most useless 4 wheel drive car too. Or can we call it a 4 wheel drive. Blady waste of money

    • victory

      But anyone earn salary of R80 000 per month deserve to drive better car

      • wrongturn

        Does she pay it out of her salary? Or taxpayer funds.

        • victory

          They use our tax money but there salary can afford it, I drive big car bought by my Company, what’s the different

          • wrongturn

            What’s that logic? Since your salary is large, your government position should buy you a 500k+ vehicle? It doesn’t come out of their salary. Good that your company buys you a nice vehicle to drive. However they work it in your total cost to company because they decide that’s what you’re worth to them.

          • Justin Case

            “What’s the different? “Where did you learn English?

          • Blapartheid Zulu

            It’s a huge difference , your company is there to make a profit, the government is there to “serve” the people…. you logic is good enough to be a minister , go drive a nice car

          • Jaco

            Watch out its Faith Mthambi in disguise!!!

          • Nicolaas Geldenhuys

            Your grammar explains why you don’t understand what is going on here. Are you maybe one of these ministers?

      • Justin Case

        Earn? What is your point idiot!!!

      • My_opinion247

        None of them pay for these cars Victoria

    • Blapartheid Zulu

      I must say I’m impressed, most of the cars are under R1m. Check the small time ANC mayors driving R1-2m cars. The new Lexus LX at R1.5m for ANC small town mayor etc. these ministers has cut back I would say. However I think a ford Everest and fortuner is actually quite acceptable

  • Gatvol

    Honestly this is not bad, has anyone looked into what other dignitaries in other countries drive? Yes, there’s no need for two of the same car but these cars are decent. CEO’s drive the same type of cars and ministers are right up there with them. Let’s report on real news please.

    • v_3

      You want “real news”?
      How about “while the ZANC continues to loot and cover up Corruptheid, more than half the population are un- or under-employed; education, health and the Rule of Law display all the symptoms of a failed state and the country narrowly averted being downgraded to “junk” status”.
      Of course it’s not NEW but it is NEWS. (Do you think the ZANC’s/NEC’s personal gratification and abandonment of the masses contributes?)

    • Deal_with__it

      What state sponsored cars do deputy ministers in other countries drive? This is topical in light of recent concerns of state looting. This is therefore ‘real news’.

      • Biloko

        Whilst David Cameron was Prime Minister of England & Wales, he usually went to work on his own bicycle, or sometimes caught a bus. Now that would be a good example for all those fat cats!

        • Deal_with__it

          You will find he was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – not England and Wales.

    • CEOs buy their own cars with their own salaries.

      And ministers are not “right up” with CEOs. Being a CEO requires considerable education, talent and luck. Considering that almost no ministers are appointed on merit, the only requirements are ideological tunnel vision and sucking up to whoever appoints ministers. Almost anyone can manage that.

      And then there’s the little matter of the per-capita GDP and disposable income of South Africa versus whatever other countries you might have in mind.

    • Tango

      These “dignitaries”, while members of the ANC – stand for everything Jacob Zuma represents. They should be defecting in droves – to preserve honour – and dignity!
      CEO’s have to perform against measurable benchmarks to stay CEO’s – what performance have our “dignitaries” given us?
      You know – your post is a clear example of shutting up being a wiser option than opening your mouth and confirming suspicions …

  • Literally Mario

    Inspiring the poor since ’94


  • Josh B

    How many unemployed and poor people could have been fed with this money? How many lives could have been saved? Is our government for or against the poor and vulnerable? What about our moral conscience where millions go hungry every day in our beautiful land.

    What is their purpose then I might asked?

    Then again their slogan is:” I did not join the struggle to be poor”

  • v_3

    Those commie comrade ministers love their capitalist cars!

    • Greg Gow

      Yes they should be riding bicycles because that is true communisim

      • victory

        Ride bicycle with salary of R100 000 per month? Are u fine in your head

        • Greg Gow

          Listen fuch head read what I said true communisim means they must and should be riding bicycles and so called looking after the people. That will never happen though.

        • Helderberg Helderberg

          Under true communism no one will ever earn a salary of R100-000 pm. This is capitalism. What happen to rule three of the Freedom Charter namely (All people of this country will share in its wealth.) ..!!

          • Tyke

            Ask your president!

        • Tango

          Aaah. Communism means everyone has R100 000 salary!

        • Tango

          You sound like a non-taxpayer 🙂 R100 000 salary less tax is a lot less in your pocket …

        • RedViking

          Troll alert!

      • Biloko

        Shank’s pony is even cheaper!

    • Roger

      but they wont drive chinese, russian or cuban cars.

    • Madimetsha

      Commie Ministers? that is the bile they spew to the masses

    • Shellhayles

      Give them a few thousand rand, towards the car. Anything in excess is their responsibility, guess who’ll be driving the cheaper cars.

  • Wurnman

    thought mercs would be their first choice…

  • Cheesy 3.0

    No doubt, these are the people’s cars. I am sure every citizen of the People’s Communist Republic of Azania can expect one soon. Viva comrades.

  • Anakin StealthVader

    It’s nauseating – to say the least. How many of these ministers with their “charming personalities” would help poor people to get a decent job, or would start a project or something to alleviate the appalling situation of people having to beg on their knees in the sun at traffic intersections for R2 or R5?

    Answer : NONE.

    Their reason : it’s about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME and what I can get out of the government gravy train funded by none other than us taxpayers.

    The monthly or annual insurance installments also come out of our pockets – the taxpayer’s pockets.

    No, it’s shameful, selfish and egocentric, the ministers do NOT work for PRIVATE firms neither do they have their own businesses. It is taxpayers money, therefore it is WASTEFUL expenditure.

    • SpiritOfNehanda

      Don’t they receive salaries?

      • Anakin StealthVader

        And who pays for the ministers’ salaries? The taxpayer – again. Screw the poor and unfortunate – again.

        • SpiritOfNehanda

          so they don’t deserve to get paid?

          • Yondaime

            They deserve less than what they’ve given to themselves.

          • lino_lupus

            …well…..they did not join the “straggle to be poor” did they??

          • Ne3M

            Is pooha, not poor. Get your spelling right!

          • Thomas Edison

            Right, no work, no pay. And these thieves most definitely do not work.

          • It’s actually a good question. If politicians were expected to work for free, only those who were genuinely interested in public service and were of independent means (and therefore unbribable) would apply.

            In my opinion, that would be one of the most effective innovations in the history of politics.

            But it’s unlikely to happen as long as political policy is decided by oxygen thieves who have free access to million-buck cars despite being unemployable in the private sector.

          • wrongturn

            Weren’t city council members unpaid back in the day?

          • Were they? Would love to know more, including why it was abolished if it was the case.

          • brz

            If they got paid, it was certainly not much, as it was a part time job. But the municipalities got their work done. These days a council job is apparently full time, and look at the state of the municipalities. Just money wasted on incompetency, in the ANC’s case.

      • Betterestdayz


      • NothingNewAtAll

        Look carefully at the article. These vehicles were bought out of governmental budget not personal money. So the issue of salary has no bearing on the matter.



  • Why no locally manufactured Polo Vivos ?

    Oh wait, it’s foreign common sense that’s banned, not cars.

  • Greg Gow

    No government in the world past or present treat their citizens with such contempt as these thugs do

  • Greg Gow

    This is not decolonising SA this is ripping SA

    • I’m not sure what a decolonised BMW X5 would look like, considering that the wheeled vehicle is believed to have originated in Mesopotamia.

  • Ray Mulder

    And don’t forget the R5000 plus per month for the insurance we the people must pay for these ‘dedicated’ servant’s of the people.

  • gdb1

    I should not have read this article! Now I’m on a rant and rave (respectively)

  • Jo

    Anyone can develop so called expensive taste very quickly. Especially when someone else has to foot the bill. There should be fixed rules on the permissable price brackets for all categories of expenses, specifically cars, for municipal, national and provincial positions. The highest levels should be for national or cabinet posts. Municipal authorities should be limited to something costing not more than about R600k at the top level. Small municipalities should be limited to R400k or less for those in the highest positions. Absolutely no reason why every single municipal authority should be allowed to buy vehicles costing a million Rand, trying to match those of cabinet ministers. Vehicles should be bought for a certain life span, and is municipal/provincial/government property. This rubbish notion that, each time when a new appointment is being made, he gets a brand new car, is nothing more than outright waste of taxpayer’s monies. Fruitless and wastefull, in the words of national auditors.

    • Municipal authorities should be limited to something costing not more than about R600k at the top level

      Why? What’s wrong with a Hyundai i20? Do they need penis extensions or transport?

      • brz

        I think a Datsun Go is more appropriate in line with their management capabilities.

      • Jo

        Please note that my proposed max. is for top officials. Such as the mayor. Lower level officials should have lower max limits of about R300k.
        How would you like it if you are the mayor of Durban, or Ethekwinin, or whatever they call Durbs nowadays, to arrive at a formal high level function with a i20? Suitable?

        • Well, why not?

          What purpose is served by officials arriving in a luxury car, except to show that they can? Is it appropriate for public officials arrive for their duties in a cavalcade of S-Classes in a country of South Africa’s poverty? The only convincing argument is VIP protection, and since there’s no mention of the vehicles in the article being in the ‘protection’ category (ie. bullet proof, etc.), that argument falls away.

          Public officials can drive a luxury car if they want, but then they must pay for it themselves, not with taxpayers’ money.

          • Jo

            No need at all for bullet proofing and cavalcades for anyone less than a national minister. In the old SA, even the parliamentary ministers did not bother with cavalcades, or using air force planes to travel all over SA or the world. They mostly used the SAA for overseas flights. Just like Ramaphosa also mostly use private airways for overseas trips.

          • Biloko

            I noted that quite a few officials were granted not just one, but TWO luxury top-of-the-range cars. I suppose the second car is for Mrs Official …

        • WilliamH

          What’s wrong with an i20, or a Corrolla quest, or Polo Vivo? If it’s got aircon, a radio and seat belts I say it’s good to go. I would think no less of a minister/mayor driving one of those, in fact I think they would be an inspiration to us all.

    • Madimetsha

      there is, its R700k on a car, but who cares about the rules?

      • Jo

        Very nice to squander the taxpayers money, and ignore all rules. Who suffers in the end? The taxpayers. That is why service levels at especially ANC municipalities are so uselessly low.

  • xdoomx

    Those aren’t really that expensive. For an MP it’s pretty much in line with what is expected.

    • brz

      Don’t let logic stand in the way of a good bashing.

  • Betterestdayz

    Let them eat sadza….

  • Johan Lewis Last

    While we endure financial crisis, they spend because it is not their money they are wasting. Let them buy their own cars, get their own cellular contracts. They get enough money to buy their own stuff. Why must needed resources be wasted on these politicians?

  • swaziland

    On the other hand i dont see any problem here. Those ministers with 2 cars, i guess the other one belongs to the deputy or one is in PTA ,the other in CT. They all have car allowances. On top of that they earn salaries. Some of us can afford Q7 while we are not ministers or anything to do with politics. You just have to go to school and work hard then you will afford. This thing of minister did that etc is boring and on top of that it gives these guys an ego. Just leave them alone, and check some changes after 2019 elections.

    • One has to be a taxpayer to see the problem. If one is a taxpayer and business owner, the problem becomes even clearer.

      And these cars are not car allowance cars. They are additional perks over and above their salaries.

      • swaziland

        If you say so, well , i will shoosh

    • Madimetsha

      Is there a Q7 in Swaziland? there is no government in Swaziland, establish one.

      • swaziland

        We are still in SA for now, debating about ministers vehicles.Things that matters here in SA. Swaziland has got nothing to do with SA ministers vehicles. It is a country that is independent from our beloved country

    • Helderberg Helderberg

      The problem is these ministers don’t use their own money to buy these vhicles. Those in private sector who as you said worked hard to earn these cars do so through work performance. But can we say the same about the comrade ministers. Look at John Block from the Northern Cape. Being a MEC of Finances and Economic Affairs. He blatenly misuse his position to steel from state coffers for his own pockets.

    • Tango

      You suffer from a serious lack of standards.

      • swaziland


  • SA First

    This is why universities are under-funded and require 8% fee increases just to keep running !!!!!!!

  • Beans

    Should’ve just given them an Uber allowance….even that will be almost a waste on these people.

  • Ryansr

    This is putting so much extra strain on our economy, not to mention their government sponsored credit cards…

  • Frank Payne

    This list must burn those people who actually have to productively work for a living and struggle to buy a car that they can afford, with inflation that is growing and an economy which is faltering, whilst these guys splash out on vehicles that cost them nothing whilst they mismanage governing the country is an obscenety. The excesses to which these guys treat themselves, whilst mismanaging the country, is beyond belief and insensitive in the extreme.

    • Tyke

      Wether it burns or not, you know the saying, “You get what you vote for”.

  • jjmia

    and the same DA members never questions what PW Botha’s cabinet was driving or how much they earned.

    • wrongturn

      Why would they? Is PW Botha president?

  • Lone Stranger

    So much for serving the people. More like serving their wallets. They follow Castro very closely I see.

  • Corrupt_NUMBA 1

    and yet,these over-paid,over-valued ,incompetent cadres are never on time

    • brz

      You can be sure they were on time to receive their new luxury vehicle.

      • Corrupt_NUMBA 1

        more then likely the smell of streetwise 2 on the seat that lured them away from the Johnny Blue

  • Helderberg Helderberg

    Wow Wow – Our Comrade Ministers love these Colonised Manufactured cars such as German Manufactured BMW’s, Mercedes Benz’s, Audi’s, British Manufactured Range Rovers, Landrover Discovery’s, Jaguar’s etc. etc.

    • brz

      Selective de-colonisation at work.

    • Tango

      De-colonise now! Symbols of western oppression!

  • Justin Case

    C U Next Tuesdays

  • My_opinion247

    What is it with the deputies thinking they are more important than their ministers?

  • Jerry leroux

    We should ‘decolonise’ the ANC.

    • Biloko

      Yes, it’s funny that the “colonials” are hated, but their inventions (e.g. luxury cars) are very sought after by the Comrades …

  • Wally Fivaz

    Good for you, my dear ministers!! You deserve only the best ……for the very best, honest and excellent service you deliver!! (Only joking – and you know it!!!)

  • Peter the Observer

    So how’s that for a job to steal from the people and you still get a nice car to drive in. Service anybody ??? Nah to busy stealing???

  • Luke Johnstone

    Where there is a trough, there are pigs.

  • mad_biscuits

    These are the kinds of people that don’t even donate R2 when buying KFC

  • VaMutuki

    I also have the same expensive taste. I just can’t afford.

    • Klaus Muller

      So you have the wrong Job?

      • VaMutuki

        yes. time to connect with comrades

  • It’s-a-fact

    These are MINISTERS! They are very important people and it’s imperative that they look good!

    Who cares that the people are hungry and unemployed?

    Let’s be realistic, if the people were really THAT hungry and THAT desperate for jobs they wouldn’t be voting for the ANC who clearly prioritise their personal requirements above the people’s. Yet 2 out of 3 voters voted ANC.

    Conclusion: Stop complaining about wasteful expenditure and be thankful that our top dogs are travelling in style, afterall, it’s the will of the people.

  • MelcolmX

    Can’t govern can’t drive R42b Road accidents in SA.

  • Luna Moon

    and the homeless, unemployed can eat cake

  • Robert Dixon

    Yet there are millions of people battling to survive!

    Freedom is indeed a wonderful ting.

  • the-TRUTH

    I support the purchase of the brand Toyota Fortuner = between R623,788 and R625,718; NOT all these other expensive brands (except for Ford Everest) that are not cut for rural setting roads landscapes…

  • Barend Steyn

    Then we have a Commissioner of Police driving a R1,8 m private car, where does the ANC get all this money ?

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