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The best-selling cars in South Africa right now

The best-selling cars in South Africa right now

The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) has revealed the best-selling passenger and light commercial vehicles (bakkies) this past month (December 2016).

A total of 41,639 vehicles were sold in December, equating to a year-on-year decline of 15.3%. New vehicle sales for the year were also down by 11.4%, ending the year on 547,442 units – the lowest levels seen since 2010.

South Africa’s disappointing automotive year was reflected by poor passenger sales over the course of December with Volkswagen’s Polo Vivo maintaining top spot with 1,835 vehicles sold.

Meanwhile the Toyota Hilux continued to top the Light Commercial Vehicles category, outselling the Ford Ranger by more than 400 units: 3,074 vs. 2,665.

“Overall, 2016 turned out to be another extremely difficult year for the South African automotive industry with domestic new vehicle sales progressively under pressure, particularly at dealer level, despite attractive sales incentives,” said Naamsa.

The association pointed to a slowdown in the domestic economy, increases in interest rates and low consumer confidence as factors behind the decline.

Passenger Vehicles sold in December 2016

VW Polo Vivo

Model Units
Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1 835
Volkswagen Polo 1 504
Toyota Fortuner 958
Toyota Corolla/Auris/Quest 957
Ford EcoSport 896
BMW 3-Series 849
Renault Kwid 752
Ford Fiesta 627
Toyota Etios 597
Ford Figo 475

Light Commercial Vehicles (Bakkies) sold in December 2016

Model Units
Toyota Hilux 3 074
Ford Ranger 2 665
Isuzu KB 912
Nissan NP200 856
Nissan Hardbody 737
Chevrolet Ute 524
Volkswagen Amarok 308
Toyota Land Cruiser 185
Mahindra Scorpio 43
Mahindra Bolero 41

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  • Gutterboy

    Most hijacked car in SA Volkswagen Polo

    Second most hijacked car in SA Toyota

    wow Im going to buy myself one of this cars today!!

    • Bradley Streak

      Based on the sheer number of them, they likely to be the most hijacked, but I wonder what the actual percentages are. I.e. is there safety in numbers?

    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      No surprise since the more popular the car the bigger the market for criminals. Who would to steal a car that few people want to buy and few spares are needed.

    • Brian MrDIY

      Polo .. the car of the sheeple.

      • Danie

        Might be. But at least car-2-barbecue is not one of the main features.

        • Brian MrDIY

          LOL .. being a sheeple has its advantages.

      • Craig paulsen

        I’ve always wondered about people that says garbage like this. If I like a car because of the way it looks and drives, but many other people also do, how does that make me a sheep? Each to his own, I buy what I like, don’t care what others think.

    • The grand tour reference.

  • mccdyl001

    You know the economy is in trouble when you can make the Top 10 with 41 vehicles sold (Bolero)

    • Deal_with__it

      That is only the top 10 of ‘light commercials’. There are not that many models to choose from anyway.

    • Ash

      Do u see a hijacker taking a Mahindra

  • Wollie Verstege

    If I don’t see the trade vs. non-trade sales, this info is pretty much pointless.

    • piet v M

      ford and ford kuga is rubbish no trade in value kuga trade in for
      R120 000 now ……….

      • Wollie Verstege

        I was referring to the fact that they do not split sales figure between vehicles sold to trade costumers vs those sold to private individuals.

  • victory

    I wonder why many ppl prefer Toyota hilux than Ford Ranger?

    • Danie

      Most probably Toyota is more reliable and maintaining it is a lot more affordable. Anyway: That is the opinion of friends and colleagues that own’s Toyota’s.

      • victory

        Others say it doesn’t lose value so Quick

        • Danie

          Or spontaneously burst into flames… 😉

          • piet v M

            ford and ford kuga is rubbish no trade in value kuga trade in for
            R120 000 now

        • JJ

          Just got quote +- R70 000 discount on Ranger before vat on Ford credit sales drive. Beautiful and tempted but didn’t buy because of all reliability issues on web (Hellopeter)+ all Kugas burst into flames like Samsung phones.

          • piet v M

            buy toyota hilux or new nissan navara march 2017 out …….

          • piet v M

            ford ranger sells on big discounts thats all very poor bakkie gearbox and turbo problems

    • heinz

      Since I own a Ranger let me suggest that perhaps people are aware that mechanically it is a very poor choice. Had 2 breakdowns in 80 000 km. Next pickup will definitely not be a Ranger.

      • victory

        Am doing 65 000 km with my Toyota without break down

        • MasterOB1


          • victory

            Thanks for correction

      • piet v M

        buy toyota hilux or new nissan navara march 2017 out

    • piet v M

      toyota hilux is cheaper to maintain over long run and have very good trade in value ranger have turbo and gearbox problems will never buy a ranger all new nissan navara is out march 2017

  • piet v M

    ford customer service is very very very poor ford offers trade in on kuga of R120 000 with 60 000 km on clock will NEVER buy ford again

  • piet v M

    ford ranger sells on big discounts

  • Deal_with__it

    Why do people think they are tycoons when they get a three series BMW? They are common as balls.

  • Mike Mills

    Buy a Subaru and have fun and reliablity

    • brz

      Now you’re talking!

  • Mo

    Car prices are ridiculous. I’d rather keep my current car than get a new one. What attractive sales incentives? You mean the annual year end stock clearance discounts? Theres been double digit price increases year on year. Also the low new vehicle sales are pushing up used vehicle prices.

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